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Author Topic: It's Praying Time Chords By, Dorothy Norwood  (Read 7067 times)

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It's Praying Time Chords By, Dorothy Norwood
« on: July 13, 2009, 11:21:08 PM »
Hey Music Fam,

I thought I would share this oldie but goodie song by Dorothy Norwood.  The drums and bass does the work.  The rest is really acapella with some accent chords.  Feel free to embellish this for me.  I am not all that good with the tricks yet. 

It's Praying Time
By, 2 Blessed

It's Praying Time
By, Dorothy Norwood
Chorded by 2blessed

" = Repeat previous chord

Bass line:  Bb,  F, Ab,  Bb,  F
Repeat throughout the entire song)

It's             Praying    Time
Bb/BbDbF          "         F/DbFBb     

It's             Praying      Time
F/DbFBb           "            Bb/BbDbF     

It's            Praying          Time
Bb/BbDbF           "          F/DbFBb

Oh           Oh            Hal            le               lu      jah
F/DbFBb    Eb/EbGC  F/DbFBb   Eb/EbGC    /FAbDb  "

It's praying time 
F, Eb, Db, Bb, Bb (play single notes octaves)

Put your time in/Put your time in/Put you time in
Get on your knees/Have a talk w/Jesus/Tell him all about it

Verse I: 
They took prayer out of the schools and nobody wants to obey the rules.     
Prayers not in many homes and parents leaving poor little children alone.
We use to pray three times a day, but all of those traditions have faded away.

Put your time in/God down on your knees/Somebody need to pray

Verse II:
Somebody prayed for me when I was in trouble and could not see.
They told God all about it & right now I can sing and shout about it.
Somebody laid their hands on me and now I 've got the victory.

Put your time in, Somebody help me, Oh yes it   

Song order:  Chorus, Verse, Chorus Verse Chorus

God Bless!

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