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Author Topic: When I Think Of Home -Chords  (Read 1316 times)


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When I Think Of Home -Chords
« on: January 24, 2013, 09:30:41 AM »
You can repair & fix this peice up. I don't know all of the words to the song.

When I Think Of Home

Key of Ab

Ab Eb Ab/Ab C Eb F -When I think of home, I think of a place

Ab Eb Ab/Ab Bb C Eb -where there's

Ab Eb Gb/Gb Ab Bb Db -love overflowing

Ab/Gb Bb Db

Bb/A Db Eb Gb

/Eb Ab C Eb

Ab Eb F/Ab Bb C Eb -When I think of home, I think of.....


/G Ab C Eb

Eb Db/Gb Bb Db

/Eb Gb A C

Ab C Eb/

Db Ab/Ab C F, Ab Db F (slide the C to Db)

Eb Bb/Bb Eb G

Db/G Bb

Db/Ab Db F

/G Bb Eb

/Bb Eb G

C/E G Bb

C Bb/C E G Bb

F, F Eb/C Eb G Bb

C/Bb Eb Ab

Db, Db Ab/C Eb F Ab


Gb Db F/Eb, Db, Ab Bb Db

Ab, Ab Eb/Bb E Ab

Ab Eb Ab/Bb C Eb Ab

I want to make Heaven my home. Amen. Church. The gate to hell is wide open. Needs to quit playing church.

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