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Title: Born a leader
Post by: divinemusician on April 08, 2008, 01:36:20 AM
Do you think you are born a praise and worship leader or can you make yourself a praise and worship leader?

I mean you see some people that have the gift, I mean the get up and tear up the house. I mean they go all out "whats his name jesus, come on clap ya hands... put your hands together yo feet on da floo(int) let the holy ghost move from da pulpit to da doo(int) just a few of what them firecrakers be spittin when they got the mic.

then you got those that desire to do that, they praice it, they dream it but they can't quite do it (the ones no so much the born firecraker but desire it) so what do you guys think are you born to be a firecraker or do you think with much practice and freely letting go anybody can be a firecreaker praise and worship leader...
Title: Re: Born a leader
Post by: sjonathan02 on April 08, 2008, 06:04:52 AM
It can work either way; as long as God is at the center of it all.
Title: Re: Born a leader
Post by: under13 on April 08, 2008, 07:53:53 AM
Are we born leaders? Yes, God has determined what we will do before we we even concieved. But I think I know what you are talking about, and to answer that question: it depends on how you were raised. People who have been in church all of thier life are so used to being in church that it just seems to come naturally.

Think of it like this. You ever notice how a 3 or 4 year old, knows how to use a computer without anybody really teaching them, while a 60 year old cant use one, they have to be taught? This is because the child was born into it this "computer age" at a young age and we know that when children learn things at a young age, it sticks with them. The same goes for gospel music.

I'm on my way to be a great gospel organist, but i've only been into gospel for 4 years. If I were in a gospel type church all of my life, I think I would have picked it up a lot quicker than I did. I say all that to say, that Almost anybody can become P+W leader, but if they werent born and raised with gospel music, then it will be a lot harder for them.

And we cant forget about the anointing......
Title: Re: Born a leader
Post by: dcelk on April 08, 2008, 05:08:03 PM
I do beleive that God has giving us every thing we need for the perferting of the saints.
it is always the anointing that makes the different. I am a p&w leader at my church and when i first started about 10 or so years ago that it did'nt came with a bang but as i grew closer to God learn more about his word he began groom me in ways that i would have never knew. Can i say that i was born a leader hmm..
Yes now, but only when i yeilded to his will and not my own.
Title: Re: Born a leader
Post by: chosenandcalled on April 09, 2008, 02:21:03 PM
well, let me say it like this. The Bible says even before we were formed out of our mother's womb, He predestinated us and He knew us. Some have that natural ability to be a leader, but it first when u learn to follow before u start leading. Cause to me if u don't have the ability to follow others, how will u be able to understand their point of view and how will be able to come up with the solutions. Some have the ability to lead but it takes time, u don't just overnight become someone great. Abase yourself, especially in the praise and worship time, in due time God will exalt you. Its not about us, its about Jesus. much love