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Title: Sound Department
Post by: Accentric on November 29, 2004, 01:15:17 PM
Hey yall I gotta a question to ask, do any of you guys have problem with your sound guys or the peeps respopnsible for you PA? Cus I am having issues with my brothers in church there seems to be a conflict of interest, I mean is wrong to desire a particular sound you want to hear coming from your speakers or wedge monitors, then they make you feel like your trying to ruun thier ministry.

Any tips suggestion etc
Title: Sound Department
Post by: drummerboyy01 on November 29, 2004, 01:44:43 PM
I can't tell you how much I agree. Our musician staff and audio staff are not working together well as of now.  Simply because we think the sound should be one way and they think the other.  I don't know how we are going to kill this divsion, but I just wanted to let you know you are not the only ones going through it, that's one of our number one priorities right now.   :?  :?  :?
Title: Sound Department
Post by: CalKel2 on November 29, 2004, 01:50:26 PM
Actually i work on my church's  sound ministry so I'm sensitive to the issues of both musicians and the sound team. The issue might be in the way your monitoring system is set up. Most churches that I've played at or visited don't have the luxury to send seperate mixes to individual speakers depending on how thier PA system is set up. Some can only control groups of monitors and still some don't have monitors at all. One suggeston I would make for you is to try and understand the problem even more and then try to come up with the solution and then tell the sound team about how the issue can be resolved within their means (both budget or with equipment they already have).  The sound ministry is one of the roughest ministries in the church b/c everyone and their mom want to tell you what you did wrong. It's all about how you approach them too.  I hope that all my babbling helped somehow.
Title: Sound Department
Post by: FerrariRed on November 30, 2004, 08:38:03 AM
:o Wow!!!, I was thinking about this very topic riding into work this morning.  I'm having difficulty getting the same sound everytime I play at church.  Some days it's good and then there are the other days.  I can not understand why the sound guys can't get the sound set and leave it.  But Cal makes some good points.  I am a very diplomatic person.  So I think about how I approach people so as not to offend them.  Again referring to some of Cal's comments, our church has the capability to control the sound in each individual monitor.  But I think we have a gremlin in our church. :twisted:   Our sound guys come to our rehearsals and get the sound right, but come Sunday, everything has been changed.  I agree with you that it's not wrong to desire a certain/particular sound.  If you know (in your head) what the particular sound is you want, then the next thing I suggest is to think about the equipment you have at your church, then sit down with your sound crew and discuss ways to resolve it.   :? See if they can come to rehearsals.  See if it's possible to rearrange things.  How is your monitor set up (behind you on the floor, on your side or maybe mounted and level with your head).  Have you considered head phones or (if budget permits) in-ear monitor systems?

Good luck

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Title: Sound Department
Post by: Accentric on December 01, 2004, 09:45:51 AM
Thanks guys for your replies, they have been helpful at least I know it ain't perculiar to my people.
FerrariRed thanks, the monitor is on the floor in front of me and yes they are individually mixed in, but it seems like these guys are not really interested, I find myself teaching em how to mix monitors or the reason why, really and truly nobody wants to really take responsibilty for the sound department, just peeps who volounteer to help, so I find myself doing the sound mix and then playing.
Should the sound ministry come under the singing ministry as far as the PA is concerned not including recording tapes and videos.
Title: Sound Department
Post by: DrummerBoyGil on December 02, 2004, 04:38:36 PM
You guys use that little speaker set for your drumset?
I'm starting to see that I'm a very loud player. A church that I played at before didn't have the luxury of the sound screen for the drumset. They were all staring up at me when I got behind their. It was like they were hearing the drummer for the first time, lol. And the church was huge. It was made to fit about 400 people. Basically all I do is when I want to do a really loud crash, I hit the crash ride on the tip really hard. Rim shots on the snare, and opening the high hat. As in, just crashing the high hat to the beat. I don't know if others do that yet. I've never seen it done besides with me and the other drummer at our church, though. And with the bass drum, that just simply takes power. I remember one time our drummer was playing the bass drum so hard theat he literally pussed it and the toms away from him and knocked the cymbal stand down behind him. It was awesome :-D
Title: Sound Department
Post by: dwdrummer on December 10, 2004, 12:53:00 PM
first of all if at all possible get a musician on the board(s) because only we understand music and how it is supposed to sound (mix)
Title: Sound Department
Post by: kuyajc on December 10, 2004, 05:34:22 PM
i agree with dwdrummer it can only be heard right by a musician. as a sound tech my self i hear things differently from the regular person.