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Title: Acoustic guitar shipping damage?
Post by: SketchMan3 on May 24, 2017, 12:02:49 PM
So my dad just sent me a randy jackson true faith collection limited edition electro-acoustic guitar... It's pretty cool... but the way he shipped it, he got some bubble wrap and taped it to the guitar case, and cut some cardboard to the shape of the guitar case and taped that over it... ehh... I guess he couldn't find a box to put it in..

Anyway, whoever put the strings on for the first time apparently didn't care, heh. The pins were inserted so the slots were turned slightly to the side, so the strings were all unevenly spaced on the saddle  ?/? . Two of the tuner nuts weren't screwed down all the way... smh.. and the Low E string is sharp all the way up the neck... (gonna see if a string change fixes that... could just be bad strings......)

But uhh, getting to the point... The plastic saddle has been cut into by the strings, and also the glue in one corner of the bridge is coming up... :/ Is it possible that shipping from Southern California to NC would cause it to be exposed to enough heat to warm the plastic enough for the strings to cut in and the bridge to unglue, or did that just happen from sitting around in its case for a few years in who knows what sort of california climate conditions and string installation/tuning abuse (Lol)? The strings /were/ loosened down to D tuning when it arrived.. probably not deliberately, but who knows. just glad they weren't tightened sharp.
Title: Re: Acoustic guitar shipping damage?
Post by: SketchMan3 on April 23, 2018, 02:42:01 PM
I'm going to just chalk it up to shoddy "craftsmanship". I play this guitar so much, hehe. I love it, even if it's got fret buzz past the 14th fret and sketchy intonation overall (especially the low E string)