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Title: Fender's "New" Player Series
Post by: funkStrat_97 on July 03, 2018, 12:37:11 PM
What up peeps?  :)  Just wanted to stop by after being MIA for so long and say hi to everybody and also to discuss a "new" series of guitars from my favorite corporate enterprise, Fender Musical Instrument Corp.

In a branding move, Fender will no longer offer a "Standard" model across its entire price range to include Squier (interestingly, they still offer several models that were below the Squier Standard including the Bullet and Affinity models).  Specifically, the made in Mexico Standard series has been discontinued and in its place is the made in Mexico Player series.  This new line seems to be a great deal on a new Fender guitar; the outgoing Standard Stratocaster and Telecaster sold new for $599.  The Player Strats and Teles start at $649.99.  And for the small increase in price, you get quite a bit including:

* A 22-fret finger board (note: due to CITES regulations, rosewood is no longer available.  Pao ferro has been substituted)

* 2-point vibrato with vintage-style bent saddles; very likely the exact same bridge as on the American Professional Strat.

* The bridge pickup on the Strat now has a tone control; this has been done on the American Standard (and later models) for years.

* An assortment of cool colors.

* Alnico pickups have replaced ceramics.  Both Strats and Teles are also available with humbuckers.

At about half the price, you basically get better than 90% of what the American professional offers and with the exception of it not being made in the US, it's a better deal than the American Specials.  Of course, if you shop around, you might find a great deal on an older, used American Standard but otherwise I think FMIC will be selling a lot of these.