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Title: Better Job!
Post by: on April 10, 2005, 01:48:29 AM
Hey Brother & Sisters,

I have something that I'm dealing and I know that I have to start doing a better job at. Starting today as I type this topic, I promise to help other gospel drummers out. Those of us who play at big church tend to get caught up and become selfish. We get spoiled with our MPC's, nice kits and stuff. There are alot of churches who don't have nice equipment to play on. But they worship God like you never seen before. I can take time out and show others how to tune and stuff. I have seen drums at churches with stick boxes tape on the resonate head. I know you guys have seen things like that as well. We are suppose to give GOD our best, so we shouldn't let other musicians in Christ to lack knowledge. God hold us responsible to past on knowledge and support each other. It doesn't always take money to do things. Get there number and tactfully share with that bruh or sis on how the drums work, or what you see they can do to better there ministry. Or partner up, network with each other, because although we are all at different churches we are on the same team. Oh, also check egos at the door of the church. I can't count how many times  drummers give you that funny vibe. We are all ministers of music we just do it playing the drums. How do you'll feel?

 God bless you'll!
Title: Better Job!
Post by: dwdrummer on April 10, 2005, 07:13:41 AM
great idea i play @ a big church & i do think i can prolly get selfish somtimes.  :D
out :wink:
Title: Better Job!
Post by: phat33 on April 11, 2005, 12:33:37 PM
Well said and I agree 100%.  I play at a big church, and it's just a blessing that God has delivered me from of all the selfishness and arrogance.  Here where I am, me and another drummer has even tried to hold a workshop strictly for drummer for like a weekend, and we didn't really get any support because of egos and stuff.  But I agree with everything you said, and I'm going to make a better attempt to help my bruh or sis out....