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Author Topic: Musical Ministry in Tanzania,,  (Read 3772 times)

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Musical Ministry in Tanzania,,
« on: October 29, 2005, 02:33:58 AM »
I'm a Tanzanian gospel musician,, I have blessed to start a Musical Ministry in my town, Mwanza. My passionate vision is to see people excel in life through exploration in talent exposure and utilization. The Reflex Family hopes to daily realize this vision by affording opportunities for people to participate in the various activities, and also being the audience beneficiary. Among many segments of the Reflex Family are the Family Band, the Reflex Studio and the Family Club.

The Family Band

The band is made up of suitable talented musicians who were deliberately selected to form a singing group. The is band managed by the producer. The producer will assist by advising, arranging, and producing music for the band. He is also the personnel responsible for all the music at the studio. The other purpose of the band is to campaign against HIV/ AIDS, drugs, sexual abuses, violence. We are obliged to promote peace and safe lifestyles. We will also increase by reaching the disables, AIDS Orphans, street Kids, refugees and prisoners with the good news and need-meeting gifts.

The band is to participate in Christianity functions like street crusades through music, drama and open performances. As we know music is a powerful way to reach out and spread the gospel of Our Lord, the band will also perform in churches, schools, colleges, streets, refugee camps and other places.

The Reflex Family Club

As Reflex Family Club we will also visit the old and share the love of Christ by helping them with food, clothing and other necessary things. Members of the club will contribute resources with which we will help the needy.



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Musical Ministry in Tanzania,,
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Musical Ministry in Tanzania,,
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