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Author Topic: Nobody Knows the Story Behind the Glory  (Read 1842 times)

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Nobody Knows the Story Behind the Glory
« on: December 23, 2005, 08:59:15 PM »
I was reading something on the forum and I didn't want to respond directly to the post, but wanted to respond never the less.

It's cool to want to be like who ever you see in the front. Whether it's the gospel stars or someone in your locality that you admire.

However, people in front do not have it easy. And you can desire something that looks wonderful and not know the price it costs.

Sometimes you can go through a bad situation and fantasize about being anywhere and anyone else cuz it's got to be better than what you're going through.

But know and understand that the more visible you are usually means there are private prices that you have to pay on top of public, very public prices you have to pay while being faithful to the gift and talent God gave you and used to get you to the front (leadership).

There's an ol' song that says lil' becomes much when you place it in the Master's hand.

Be faithful over the few and God will make you ruler over much.
Despise not humble beginnings
Humble yourself under the might hand of God, that in due season He may exalt you.

And if you can be focused while in the back with your hardships then when you get up front it's more manageable.

Pray for those in the forefront cuz it's a hard thing and if they make it look easy it's only the grace of God that gives it that appearance.

Remember God is a jealous God as well. Don't get caught up in the gift and forget the Giver as well as the reason for the gift.

Be blessed
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