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Author Topic: Youth Choirs  (Read 4948 times)

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Youth Choirs
« on: January 13, 2006, 03:48:16 PM »
I need help. I am looking for songs that our church shoir can sing. Their ages range from 8-13. They need songs with minimum harmonies. If you can list the name and artist of the song that would be great.

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Youth Choirs
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2006, 04:11:20 PM »
These are a few:

This Is The Day, Joe Pace
Just Praise Him, Joe Pace
Come On Children Let's Sing, Mississippi Children's Choir
The King Of Glory, Shekinah Glory Ministry
I Just Want To Thank You, Youth For Christ

I use a lot of songs from Mississippi Children's Choir & Youth For Christ.  The songs are simple and easy to learn.
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Re: Youth Choirs
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2006, 08:54:12 AM »
Quote from: lilman46312
I need help. I am looking for songs that our church shoir can sing. Their ages range from 8-13. They need songs with minimum harmonies. If you can list the name and artist of the song that would be great.

I repost this all the time for those looking for youth and especially youth choir songs to minister because I know it's hard to find songs to teach that are over their heads in the message and that relate to their ages. So here it goes...

You could choose to do a hymn and add your own flavor to it by adding a contemporary sound to it and making your own arrangement of it that suits your choir

*~ "This Is The Day" (traditional)
~ "This Little Light Of Mine"
*~ "Thank You Lord" by Mississippi Children's Choir
*~ "Praise Him" (praise Him when the sun goes down)
~ "Oh How I Love Jesus"
*~ "Lift The Savior Up" (Olanda Draper/Joe Pace)
~ "Higher Higher" (lift Jesus higher)

Here's a few simple songs that I think are appropriate for a children's/youth choir (most have very few words or harmony involved):

* Oh Lord We Praise You (Hezekiah Walker & The Love Fellowship Crusade Choir)

* Follower Of Christ (Florida A&M University Gospel Choir)

(click here to listen to clip:
http://sg1.allmusic.com/cg/smp.dll?r=20.asx&link=vc85qflqknq69578s9g14zd )

* Victory Chant

* We Worship You Oh Lord (Youth For Christ)

* Throne Of Mercy (Mississippi Children's Choir)

* Lift The Savior Up (Joe Pace)

* Kumbaya (Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers)

* In The Sanctuary (Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers)

* I'm Holding On (National Youth N Praise Mass Choir)

(click here to listen to sample:
http://www.content.loudeye.com/scripts/hurl.exe?~ttt-600111/0613536_0104_00_0002.ra )

* Pslam 23 (GMWA Youth Mass Choir)

* Yes God Is Good (TM Mass Youth Choir)

(click here to listen to file sample:
http://sg1.allmusic.com/cg/smp.dll?r=20.asx&link=mdmrmmkj6wig5erlgbqbwf5 )

* Blessed Assurance (Ruby Terry)
(click here to listen:
http://hurl.content.loudeye.com/scripts/hurl.exe?clipid=009863801030006550&cid=600005 )

* Cry Holy (GMWA Youth Mass Choir)
(click here to listen to sample:
http://mfile.akamai.com/3171/rm/muze.download.akamai.com/2890/us/usrm/040/458040_1_08.ram?obj=v20701 )

* I Just Want To Praise You (Maurette Brown Clark)

* Awesome God (Kirk Franklin)

* We Sing Praises (Shekinah Choir)

* Glory Glory (New Direction)

* I'm In Love With Jesus Christ (Rev. Timothy Wright)

(click here to listen to sample:
http://mfile.akamai.com/3171/rm/muze.download.akamai.com/2890/us/usrm/282/207282_1_04.ram?obj=v10212 )

* Sweeter (John P. Kee)

* Let Us Go Into The House (Joe Pace)

* Glory & Honor (Pastor Rudolph McKissick Jr.)

(click here to listen to clip:
http://sg1.allmusic.com/cg/smp.dll?r=20.asx&link=ggoqbc62s9kvysakbfxwid3 )

* Let Go Let God (Love Fellowship Tabernacle Church Choir)

* Gotta Feeling (Olanda Draper & The Associates)

* I Give You Praise (Youth For Christ)


Also some other old youth or children's choir standard are

Shake The Devil Off (Dorothy Norwood)
Jesus Is Mine (Florida Mass Choir)


there are some midis on earnestandroline.com that you can use.

Psalm 34 (Youth For Christ)
Cry Holy (GMWA Youth Mass Choir)
Shabach (Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)
Lord I Lift Your Name On High (Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)

midis are located on that site.


The lyrics to many of these can be found at:

~ Black Gospel Lyrics Ministry


You can purchase sheet music to several children's / youth choir songs at





Many of these songs you can request from your local gospel radio station, purchase the albums, or download them from Kazaa, Ares, Warez, Limeware, or any other P2P site.


If you need songs for your youth choir (I don't know the ages that compose of your group ), check out albums by these artists:

Mississippi Children's Choir
* "Children of The King"
* "A New Creation"
* "When All Of God's Children Get Together"

Youth For Christ
* "Higher"
* "Love Comes In All Colors"

T.M. Mass Youth Choir
* "There's Not A Friend"
* "Send Your Annointing"
* "He's Been Good"

GMWA Youth Mass Choir [/b]
* "Win The World For Christ"
* "I Never Shall Forget"
* "Come Bless The Lord"
* "Lift The Savior Up"
* "Live From Philidelphia"
* "Live From New Orleans 2000"
* "New Orleans 2000" (a different album than the one listed above)
* " Live From Minneapolis"
* "The Best Of GMWA Youth Mass Choir Vol. 1"

(there are some songs that they also sing that are on recent GMWA albums...they've started combining all the songs that choirs sing onto one cd)

Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago [/b]
* "Live From The Opera House"
* "We Are One"
* "Live and Blessed"
* "This Is The Day"
* "Growing Up"
* "Generation X"
* "Reaching The Nations"

National Youth N Praise Mass Choir
* "National Youth N Praise Mass Choir"

Joshua's Troop
* "Joshua's Troop"
* "Project Youth"

Cathedral Children's Choir
* "Let The Children Sing Vol. 1"
* "Let The Children Sing Vol. 2"
* "Let The Children Sing Vol. 3"

(you can buy the cd and sheet music from ntimemusic.com )

CLC Youth Choir
* "Anchored To The Rock"
* "Whatever It Takes"
* "Live...In The Spirit"
* "I Dedicate Myself"

Danny Eason & The Abundant Youth Cathedral Crusade Choir
* New Beginning"

Arizona Youth Mass Choir
* "Eddie James Presents: Arizona Youth Mass Choir"

Mountain Movers Children / Youth Choir of Middle Georgia
* "Mountain Movers Children / Youth Choir of Middle Georgia"

Mt. Hattin Youth Ministry Choir
* "Consistent God"

Tyscot Gospel Kids Presents... (they have many albums, some with themes such as Worship, Fun Songs, Action Songs...perfect for the little ones but not for a youth choir)

Shout Praises Kids Gospel
* "Shout Praises Kids Gospel Vol. 1"
* "Shout Praises Kids Gospel Vol. 2"

Those are a few groups that I know of that have great music with messages that are geared towards children and youth choirs. You could also use songs by Hezekiah Walker, Joe Pace, John P. Kee, and soforth, but make sure that it's appropriate for those ages.

Here's a list of some online retailers that you can check to see if these albums are availabe for sell and also listen to clips from the albums listed above:

* http://www.Amazon.com
* http://www.Samgoody.com
* http://www.fye.com
* http://www.BN.com
* http://www.Walmart.com
* http://www.Bestbuy.com
* http://www.Circuitcity.com
* http://www.Bizrate.com
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