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Author Topic: Silver & Gold - New Chords  (Read 1868 times)

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Silver & Gold - New Chords
« on: March 02, 2006, 09:49:10 PM »
Hey, I know there are some Silver and Gold chords already posted. But i was wondering if anyone knows any other chords...chords, more based off of how its supposed to be played like on the CD. I like the chords posted


But they arent as full. I would love if maybe someone posted the way they play the song(in Db, cuz the song is in Db) and I could check those out. I would really appreciate it. I havent gotten to the point where i can just take simple chords and make a fancy song using my own stuff.

So, please can anyone post Silver n Gold, more like the way its played on the CD, or just in your way it its a nicer fuller sound.


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