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Here Are The Chords To/ We Are Not Ashamed


Song:  We Are Not Ashamed
By:    Ferrente


FC/FGAC             we are
FC/FGAC             not  A--
E/GDEA            ---shamed
A/GC#FA             Of  the
D/ADF                 Gospel of
C/ADF                 Jesus
B/ADF                 Christ
E/FAbBD               it
A/EGC                    Is
Bb/FAD                 God's
C#/GBbC#E            Po---
D/ADF                   ---wer
E/BbC#EG               Of
F/CDFA                   sal----
G/CDFA                ----va--
G/BDFA                --(filler)--
C/BbDFG                 --tion--
C/BbCEG                  (filler)
E/GBbDE                It is to everyone
A/GC#E                 everyone
A/ADF                      that
A/BbEG                   be---
C#/BbEG                ---lie---
D/ADF                   --veth
D/DGBb                  they
D/CFA                    shall
G/FAC                    have
D/DGBb                    e--
D/CFA                  ---ver
G/ABDF                  las--
B/                      --(filler)--
C/DFA               --tling---
C/CEG                 --ing
FC/ACF                Life
FEb/CF               (filler)
FD/BbF                (filler)
FC/AF                 (filler)

We Are Not Ashamed
(written by Andrae Crouch)
(recorded by Andrae Crouch, and also Karen Clark-Sheard)
(based on Romans 116)

We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
for it is God's power of salvation;
to everyone that believes it,
to everyone that recieves it,
we shall have everlasting life.

God's word (His word is healing for every nation).
His word (God's word is power unto salvation).
God's word (God's word came all the way from glory),
set the captives free,
made the blind to see.

We are not ashamed,
we are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ,
for we have everlasting life.


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