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Author Topic: Re: how you dress  (Read 590 times)

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Re: how you dress
« on: May 27, 2006, 10:39:29 AM »
I feel what you are saying, but in too many cases, people take comfortable... to a different level... My pastor allowed jeans, and then the girls wore them too tight, the guys wore them too low... so to cut down on having soooo many stipulations, we just say NO JEANS!!! Comfort is key, but if you can dress nice to a wedding or to a concert, then surely you can give God your best... and look good... Not to impress others though...

It's not just jeans that they are wearing tight and low, but skirts and dress slacks too....

Seems like this subject is popping up everywhere on this site.  Some of these answers that we are getting are making it seem like the church is the only place where God can get some Glory.  How are you dressed when you pray before you go to sleep; how are you dressed when you are singing in the shower; etc. etc.  I say dress the way in church the same you would at any 'tasteful' public place.  For me, the outfit in my picture is what I wore on communion Sunday.  I usually sit out from the choir on that Sunday because that's the only Sunday in the month where the praise team does the whole worship service.  I wore jeans, which was still very tasteful (with a belt and on my waist)......

The only issue with dress that should be is if you are in leadership and you are required to dress a particular way.....other than that, do what you want, just be tasteful
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