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Author Topic: Any testimonies about how the spirit moved when ministering on their horn?  (Read 1525 times)

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The very first time I played at church I was 14 years old. The song I played was Amazing Grace. When I finished, the entire church was edified. People were shouting all over the place, while older saints cried. Not to say that I was just that good, but it was only because of the anointing that made the difference. That was when I realized my calling to play gospel. To God be all the glory!!

Anyone else care to testify?
In everything you do, ALWAYS put God 1st!

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I have to share this testimony from a friend, Aaron on SOTW in response to a thread I made about my first solo at church.... Very powerful to me....
Hey JB...thanks for the rundown of your first solo. There are 2 things that you mentioned that if you REMEMBER them every time you will do fine every time.

1. Let go and let God
2. Stop the negative words

the Bible says that our tongue is like a rudder on a ship. That (rudder) is a small thing yet it controls the ENTIRE ship.. so is it in our lives.. If you speak bad things then that is what you expect.. however if you speak .. I can do ALL things through Christ which strengthens me.. you will do much better.

When I play on stage in a solo or whatever MOST of the time my eyes are closed.. why.. simple NO DISTRACTIONS.. I can focus on God and then I can listen as the Holy Spirit gives me what to play.
I will never forget the day that I heard the Holy Spirit with my playing.. I was playing "I Exalt Thee" solo and all the sudden I felt that God wanted me to play over a person in the sanctuary. Not knowing why I kept playing some licks and runs as I stepped off the alter.. I walked up to the person and as I was playing took her hand and brought her up to the alter. An usher grabbed a chair for her and she sat in it. Then I just started to play what I felt the Lord wanted me to play.... There was not a dry eye in the place and the anointing was so strong that I was shaking and tears were streaming down my face. I continued to play until I felt that I was released...I collapsed and just sat there in awe and wonderment of what had just happened.

What I did not know about this lady was that she had been diagnosed with cancer. I did not find this out until a few days later when she came to the Wednesday night service and gave a testimony on how during the time of me playing over her how she felt something on the inside of her going on.. and then how she went to the doctors the next day and how he was in disbelief that he couldn't find a trace of cancer in her body!

So remember when you play don't do it under your own power...God has anointed you to play for His purpose.. So when you play Let Go and Let God.. I promise that when God sees that you are 100% giving your talents to Him.. He will use you in ways that you would not imagine!

Congrats on the Solo!
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