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Author Topic: How do you get a live band to be faithful to you? I hate keyboard tracks!  (Read 1208 times)

Offline redtenorsax

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I need to make a demo, and another recording, at least so I can do tracks at small gigs like weddings.  But Its hard to get a live rhythm section to help record the tracks or go on the gigs.  They don't agree on much, and I hate playting with just a keyboard background or cd recording.  I love the organic feel of a band, but they just don't dig following horn players for more than two steps.  How do you attract a band and stick with them?

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keys in kennesaw ga-i'd like to know the answer too!want to do some weddings and outreaches,send me a line-want sax,trumpet guitar ,bass-got a good drummer.holla!

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1.  Be worthy of them.  Play the dickens out of the tunes so that they want to be a part of what you are doing.

2.  Be appreciative.  It is their time as much as it is yours.

3.  Do not be a dictator.  It will not work if it will be "Johnny Saxophone and his band of trained monkeys".  This has to be a joint situation.  Everyone has input.  Everyone has a stake in the outcome.

4.  Have a plan.  do not go into this with only an idea.  Make a bonfide plan.  Write it out.  Do not waste any one's time.

5.  Have charts ready.  Again, do not waste any one's time.

6.  Limit rehearsals.  Rehearsals should be scheduled and then held to that schedule.  Plan on three tunes, for two hours.  Once things are done or the time runs out, you are done. 

7.  Be humble

8.  Do not forget how desperate you are at this very point to find this band.  We often forget that once they get on board.  Be thankful to them everyday.  Make their experience a joyful one.

9.  Praise God for everything that you do.
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