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Author Topic: The Real & True Worship Leader  (Read 663 times)

AP Psalmist Jackson

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The Real & True Worship Leader
« on: October 13, 2006, 05:00:40 PM »
It is written:

1 Corinthians 2:11  For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.

According to this scripture, the only person who truly knows God MORE intimately than we do is His very own Spirit (the Holy Spirit).  So then it is the Holy Spirit that IS the true worship leader.  I know we put these "titles" on women/men and some are truly men/woman of God.  Yet, let us NOT forget that we can't truly get to God except through Christ:

John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

So then if we're really going to GET to God, we've got to totally be saturated and immersed in Christdom NOT just any old flavor of Christianity.  The Lord is currently showing me that there IS a form of Christianity that has NOTHING to do with Him (Christ).  That is the sad state of the world these days saints.  Not only:

2 Timothy 3:5  Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

But also a false Christianity apart from the above scripture.  So many "forms" but they all LACk the power (Psalms 62:11), love (I John 4:8) and authentacity of the Lord Jesus Christ! 

This Word from the Lord is and has been spoken.  It was just for me to put the Word of God out here and let it do what only it can do on it's own (Isaiah 55:11).

STAY Blessed!

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Re: The Real & True Worship Leader
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2006, 02:11:17 PM »
yeah, it is true!!!!

  many are called but few are CHOSEN......


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Re: The Real & True Worship Leader
« Reply #2 on: November 07, 2006, 08:15:22 PM »
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