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Author Topic: icing on the cake the reprint  (Read 519 times)

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icing on the cake the reprint
« on: January 12, 2007, 10:47:39 AM »
I copied this here because I think it is more appropriate in this forum

Have you ever seen a wedding cake?
do you know how much a wedding cake costs?
i dont think a thousand dollars is out of the question
would you pay a thousand dollars for a cake without the decoration the frosting?
would you pay mooney for the frosting (a thousand dollars )

so it isnt the frosting or the cake but the presentation that people pay for.not just the presentation but the fact that the cake fits the occasion it has everything that a wedding cake should have it mathces the splendor surrounding it

I am not the greatest musican i learn my songs to the best that God has given me
but I work well with people I unite people I communicate well that is the gift God gave me that is part of my icing on the cake it is what makes me beautiful.

I took a lesson yesterday After I learned a style form Shirley Ceasar I worked with my teacher and he gave me a little filler like a run to do on one of the chords and it sounded really nice

it was icing my playing is straighforward no icing just cake but put some fillers and littel solos and i get a well presented cake.  icing

the well presented cake is what people will seek you out for.

nobody wants just icng and as good a s a cake is it jst isnt appealing if there is no frosting.

I encourage you all to look at yourselves as others see you
round out your package for as ministrers of music we should be bringing God our best

maybe your gift is singing as you play that becomes your icing
maybe your gift is worship that is your icing
maybe you recreate songs or write new songs well bring them to your choirs that is your icing
maybe you are a great facilitator and know how to make freinds well bring your new freinds to your church fellowship and create alliances with other ministries that is your icing

maybe you are all icing and no cake
do you talk a good game but when people need you you are nowhere to be found
do you let people down all the time
do you have great idieas fot he committee but never sit on any boards

well it is time to get some subastance under all that icing
knukle down look up integity  in the dicitionary and get some

it is time to stop playing people lets get out there and make it happen
beter yet le God happen in us and the rest will take care to the rest

stop sitting around being frosting or unfrosted cake
decorate your selves and present yourselves in your best light
and be a beacon of light that brings folks into the doors of your church

remember we have a two fold ministry to edify the hearts of the people
and to call the lost

you can do that best by being a wedding cake
not an unfrosted ducan hines 
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To be or not to be that is the question you anwer when you pray practice and read your word
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      Re: Icing on a cake people will pay for beauty
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Great advice Bro!
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To be or not to be that is the question you anwer when you pray practice and read your word

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Re: icing on the cake the reprint
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2007, 12:12:24 PM »
That's a really good analogy!  Something to think about.
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