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Author Topic: what is the Order of your service ????  (Read 664 times)

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what is the Order of your service ????
« on: April 17, 2007, 10:49:42 AM »
I just read on another thread the order of services and was curious if others of you would post yours.
I realize that traditional churches usually have a more formal layout. I was wondering if this ever hinders the moving of the spirit.
if the holy spirit came rushing in, do you divert from the program or stop the flow so not to interupt the schedule?? just curious.

anyhow, here is the order of our service.

morning devotion 10am
prayer/morning hymn and chorus

sunday school /breakout sessions

morning worship 11am

pre service worship - 2 songs
prayer for the sick - 1 song

greetings- everyone shakes hands and visits
(transition from sunday school classes)

opening prayer and scripture

Choir selections (2)

welcome of visitors

special announcements

offering (selection)

choir selectiosn (1-2)

preaching/alter call

we often do not have a formal closing as to not interupt the alter call. our alter calls can go on and on for 45 minutes or more

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Re: what is the Order of your service ????
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2007, 12:40:27 AM »
O I'm sorry. I had no idea there was already a thread on this topic.

thanks for sharing that. I'll look forward to going through these - God Bless !
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