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Author Topic: Roland g8 owners please weigh in what do you love and hate about your board  (Read 537 times)

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Hello LGM
i need your help
i figure if i can get some objective pros and cons
it will help me decide what to do about this workstation.

I really need some reasons to keep my roland G8

I put it in the pawn shop in november of 2012

and it is still there,
i really have no love for this board.

but i will be pulling it out of the shop
probably to sell it

my problem with it
is the pianos didnt impress me at all

another thing is the lack of third party sounds

but maybe i am missing something,

maybe this board is more than i am giving it credit for being,

so help a brother out
to see what it seems so many others see,

my instruments to date

roland 5080 with session, pop, 60's and 70's and orchestral expansion boards,

at church i play a famtom x8

any help and wisdom will be greatly appreciated,
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Is it easy to lug around? I guess large keyboards have their place. I actually like carrying around my 49 key controller and tablet. My tablet is not cutting it though specs wise. I'm about to start carrying around my laptop with it. I have gig next month and I am going to try to use the laptop live to see how it does. I love that my tablet has a long battery life but I'm going to maybe find a smaller more powerful laptop. Starting to widh I had gotten a 11in 2n1 laptop instead of the tablet. It is a little slow on video encoding.
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