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Author Topic: The Great Debate  (Read 27694 times)

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Re: The Great Debate
« Reply #40 on: April 29, 2014, 10:00:18 PM »
I became re-committed in faith about 3 years ago, and began playing guitar in church (first time ever) at about the same time, and am now the electric lead player, and band leader for our praise band.  I didn't grow up in church and hadn't been a dedicated church goer for years prior to that, so I had no pre-conceived ideas.  Little did I know that since our (First Baptist) church wanted to move toward more contemporary music, I would become somewhat of a contentious element to our worship ministry.  It ended up being somewhat of a test of faith and commitment for me, and it's become an incredibly rewarding experience for me.  I had been listening to CCM on the radio for almost a year prior, and that's what helped lead me and my family back to church and a dedicated relationship with Christ.  My children accepted Jesus as their Savior at a CCM concert with Newsong, Dara McLean, Anthem Lights, and Kutless, so CCM has been a huge factor in our lives.  This past Sunday was particularly rewarding for me as I had worked with an old friend to bring the choir and part of our praise band of my church to the choir day of his church.  The main reason was to get together and praise God, but the secondary reason this was so special is we laid down the foundation to bridge some racial barriers in our small southern community.  My church being all white and my friend's church mostly black.  The way I see it, the enemy wants division and race wars; but God created a rainbow of people and wants us to join together and worship him; and when we do there's power to overcome many problems.  To get to my point; praise God and worship Him.  Don't you think King David would've used the musical instruments and some of the styles of today, if he had them at his disposal?  BTW I just found this page, and feel blessed to have done so : )

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Re: The Great Debate
« Reply #41 on: April 23, 2018, 12:54:37 PM »
Gospel music, gospel guitar playing... music and playing that points to and uplifts the gospel of Jesus Christ. Simple.
... lies the entrance to "Garloz"
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