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Author Topic: Playing & Practicing around the Circle of Keys  (Read 1963 times)

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Playing & Practicing around the Circle of Keys
« on: September 28, 2004, 08:27:28 PM »
Hello Musicians,

I 'm only a beginner and need some help understanding the circle of Keys. When you play around the Circle of Keys, do you have to do it for all kinds of Chords? Such as 7th, 9th, 11th, Major, Minor, Diminished, 13th etc...... And what is the real purpose of doing it besides understanding how Chords move? Does it strengthen your fingers and make you more comfortable playing Chords? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you


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Playing & Practicing around the Circle of Keys
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2004, 08:50:40 PM »
Hi Wajo22;

Are you talking about the Circle of Fifths? Its a method of helping you memorize the 12 major scales, which start with;

F   (1 flat) scale
Bb (2 flats) scale
Eb (3 flats) scale
Ab (4 flats) scale
Db (5 flats) scale
F# (6 sharps) scale
B  (5 sharps) scale
E  (4 sharps) scale
A  (3 sharps) scale
D  (2 sharps) scale
G  (1 sharp) scale
all the way around counter-clock wise to C.



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Playing & Practicing around the Circle of Keys
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2004, 05:40:00 AM »
Hay, I think your talking about the whole ii V7 I chord progression like this is like the most commen chord prgression in jazz, and it comes in handy when changing keys and stuff. with the chord progresion u work u way right around the cycle of fifths.
                G          F
             D               Bb
            A                  Eb
             E                Ab
               B(Cb) Db(C#)
                  (figure 1)

ok the frist key you start with is C, so u go to the ii which is a D-7  then go to the V7 which is G7 then to the I which is the C and if you look at the d on cycle of fifths (figure 1) then move clockwise (right) around the cycle it goes d g c like the ii V7 I chord progression. then all you do is just make the C become a ii which will be a C-7 (c-Bb-e-g) you r now in Bb which is 2 steps right on the cycle of fifths which is the ii V7 I chord progression again and if u keep doing that u will have played the ii the V7 and the I in every key and it is like one of the basic chord progressions in jazz
but im not sure if thats what u meant by moving around the cycle of fifths if not ignore it cause it could confuse some pep it did confuse me when i frist learnt but also like the cycle of fifths is and easy way of working out wat sharps r in a wat key. like you start with C which has no sharp or flats then u go up five in the which is a G which has one sharp and is F which is the note below G then if u count up another 5 it s d and d has 2 sharps which is f from that last key and a C which is the note below and if u keep on doing this and you sharpen the note below you can work out any key that has sharps Flats r a bit difrent you use the cycle of fours but i wont go there.
but the main reason y teacher get you to do this stuff is cause its very useful like the more you play chords the more u get to know the chord etc so if u s like 4 shaprs u just think stright away this is in the key of E or on a piece of music it says like um like C#b5 you arnt like umm help it i know theres a C# etc and by the time you worked it out the band is like 2 3 chords a head of u i u just c that chord and just play it and dont htink about it just bang C# E G and on to the next. also understanding how chords moves makes ur life easiers when playing by ear if ur learnt but sheet music and teacher like me so u have a fair i dea where the next chord is gona go. like if a guitar is jaming away lots likely its gona be in E then they will prolly go to the V or the IV cause thats like the main chord that guitars like and is basical all punk is, (for the record I like all styles of music and im a wannabe guitar player so its nutitn against you like like most people who can play the piano mostly play C or Am its just the white note)
well I hope thats helpfull
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