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Author Topic: Storm-out over the Ocean...What is AbM7 or DbM7...HELP  (Read 2600 times)

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Storm-out over the Ocean...What is AbM7 or DbM7...HELP
« on: September 02, 2003, 05:10:59 AM »
Please, will some one break down this song for me...  I play but, I cannot read muic.

BbF / AbM7(b5) - storm ...What are the noted for (AbM7)
DF#C / Bb - out
EbGC# / Eb
EGC# / Edim - on life's
BbF / AbM7 - ocean____AbM7(b5)
-------------and its
EbBb / DbM7 - moving ....What are the notes for (DbM7)
EBb / Edim - this-a-
DAb / Bb - way
AbEb / Fm7...What are the notes for (FM7)
GD / Bb
EBb / Edim7 ...What are the notes for (Edim7)
AEb / E6(b5)if your
BbF / AbM7(b5) - souls
DF#C / Bb - not
EbGC# / Eb
EGC# / Edim - anchored in
AEb / Aaug7 - Je-(GACEb)
DA / AbM7(b5) - sus, it will
DAb / Bb - surely
AbEb / Fm7
GD / Bb
EBb / Edim7 ...What are notes for (Edim7)
AEb / E6(b5)- drift-a
BbF / Bb-way

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Hope this can help you
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2003, 08:37:00 AM »
Quote from: georgereynolds
Please, will some one break down this song for me...  I play but, I cannot read muic.

Hi there!

Try going to a website that will show you what the chords are on a virtual keyboard, and it'll give you the scale degrees. Here's two websites that should help:

Chord Map

Look No Hands
(now this site doesn't use the right names many times of the notes that make up that chord, but you can see where the notes are..so don't depend on it).

Another option is for you to invest in a good chord dictionary, these can range from anywhere to $4 to $20...depends on what you're looking for because some books show more and may have more theory and other materials in it than others. Chord dictionaries, in my opinion, are much better, they not only show you the notes on a keyboard, but they give you inversions, the scale degrees, how it would look on a staff, plus many of the times they go into depth and teach you why the chords are made up this way and more...a great and invaluable tool for beginning musicans. Check out Melbay, http://www.melbay.com for books dealing with this and many more things in music (also many of mel bay publishing materials are available in many music stores).

Also, you might want to learn how chords are formed because many times posters don't type it out note for note (that's their choice to do so), so the best way for you to do this is to learn why. Once you learn how they're formed, it'll be easier for you to know what notes are in a particular chord. If you're using the lessons provided on this site, then you're headed in the right direction, if not, then start there. 4HisGlory has lessons that deal with scales and chords. Chords are based on the scales, which are based off of the degrees of scales, so once you learn that, you can understand the chord symbols (chord dictionaries teach you this too).
Here's another site in addition to this one that can help you learn

Chord Wizard

Of course there are more sites and more books available than what I've listed, but these should give you a good start. Remember once you figure out the notes, try different inversions to get the sound you desire.
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