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Author Topic: In lieu of the NBA Finals....(L8rs will be back next year)!!!!  (Read 341 times)


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I thought I provide the starting lineup for musicians playing in the church. Keep in mind that we should let God lead us into praise and worship but we should keep in mind OUR role on the team and not step on anybody's role. Here goes...

PG-Piano/Keyboardist-normally the person playing in pocket...compliments the organ player/vice versa. keeps everyone on the same page
SG-Organist-the scorer...the person who makes things happen whether its runs, talk music, shout music, etc...
SF-Lead Guitar-the finesse, the slick player who chimes in when needed
PF-Bass Guitar-The banger, the bottom..the player who is considered the glue guy, if he doesnt grab all the rebounds, then its over...lol
C-Drummer-The main component, the time keeper, can dominate the paint or play in pocket

6th Man-Percussionist-adds a perspective to the game. watches and fills in when needed

Then you have your bench (i.e. young players, inexperienced players,)

Create your own list and let me know what you think

Kelz Lewis
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