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Author Topic: ALL MELODIES COME FROM HEAVEN  (Read 1673 times)

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« on: September 08, 2003, 09:40:01 AM »
Hello everyone, first of all being new to this site I'd like to greet everyone in the name of JESUS.  I know that this is a website filled with awesome musicians. Please, lend your opinions.  I am a lover of GOD, a lover of melodies and a keyboardist.  I know that all melodies for all styles of music were first created by our creator. GOD creates all melodies and gives it to psalmists to manifest the songs here on earth.
  Even in what we know to be Jazz, Classical, R&B, and so on etc...
 I believe that all music and melodies were created for the Glory of GOD, but the worldly musicians and artists has perverted some extraordinary melodies with secular lyrics!!! I believe in taking back what is ours, Which is all forms of the musical arts. The world has some of us as Christian musicians thinking that we have to operate all of our talents within this little box that they call, "church music"(which is false doctrine).
      They even have some of us in bondage!!!

A good example is this: If you've ever been to a church that's traditional and you try introducing a contemporary christian song that swings, but everyone thinks that you're wrong because you don't have that traditional upbeat bluesey sound.  The Bible says "sing unto to the LORD a new song" it also says :an he had put a new song in my mouth.
  Well guess what, If anyone is in bondage, it is them!,"the worldly folk".

Saints, Jesus didnot only save us from our sin, but he also saved us from the bondage of "old-testimate religeon". It was religious people that crucified our LORD because he taught the truth, and the truth messed with their religeon, BUT THE TRUTH shall set us free from sin and Bondage.
  We as saints should seek a relationship with GOD and not religeon.
  When we have a relationship with him, we can hear his voice clearly.

THe LORD has set us free,
and who the SON sets free, is truly free indeed!!! Weather the songs he give to me sounds like Island music, Jazz or whatever the style of the art form appears as, I'm gonna praise him. Psalms 33rd chapter.
Blessings to all
Sing unto him a NEW song; play SKILLFULLY with a loud noise "Psalms33v3"
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