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Author Topic: Current Status Thread!!!  (Read 38909 times)

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Re: Current Status Thread!!!
« Reply #400 on: July 27, 2009, 02:56:02 PM »

Well it will happen if you post statements like that. Its like walking into a bar looking for a fight. eventually you will get one.

regardless of how attacked you feel you should just still chill and sit back. everyone has their moments when they can say they are being attacked but in actuality no one is really TRYING to attack them the person is just opening the doors and saying come hit me

Alright...if you say so my dude

If you read it again you will see it all started with me appreciating Jeremy, and there was nothing wrong with that at all. Thats my business if I love giving these vets gratuity. If someone has a problem with that then oh well. From my point of view it was out of place for him to make a statement like that when it had nothing to do with the topic. If he meant for everyone in general he should have started a new thread, but he didnt, he quoted ME!!! I dont know what you read Calvin, but I started nothing...yes I did respond though (to his off topic matter) I will speak my mind whether people agree or not. There are few that think im wrong, but guess what there are some that send me pm's that totally agree. I appreciate your help, homie....lets leave it only. I already requested my account be deleted so lets leave it at that my dude, and I will holla at you Myspace!!!
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