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Author Topic: some ideas to try  (Read 1219 times)

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some ideas to try
« on: December 14, 2004, 02:07:42 PM »
hey everyone-ive got some serious extra time today so I am going to take a try at posting some of my ideas.  when i started gospel i was doing fills like a rock guitar player. nobody was digging it.  when the organ players would do runs, they were swift, clean and got the other bandmates goin crazy.  i realized that the guitarist has a role in gospel.  lay low and do swift fills.  
1.  laying low
you dont want to chomp on bar chords or anything like that.  try 2 or 3 note voicings of chords.         h-hammer- p-pulloff
example  Amaj or A7.
this is very stylistic of otis reddings guitar player

---------------5----------5----------------b        this one has a country feel

   -----------8---- b    
  -------6---------g    this is A9. great for shout music.
   --------7------- d  

                          --------7------------d     this is A7.  if you flat the 9 to an 8 on e it becomes Aminor 7.  if you keep the 9 where it was in A7 and then sharp 8 on b so it becomes 9 , now you have a Amajor 7.

2.swift runs
get a metronome and slow your pentatonic scales down to start.
go down the scale with alternative picking and make sure each note is loud and full as the next.  Do up/down picking every note.  When you are moving downward or southward your picking should go down, then when you go for the A string gravity will assist you in picking downward again.  the same when you go upward . it would be up down, when you get to the b string you should be picking up again.

this is easy easy stuff that can go a long way.  get a metronome and tighten up your chops.  then when you try runs, maybe start from '1and' of the beat.

next lesson will be a little more smooth i hope.  :)
take care all.
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