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Author Topic: Every Black Person Needs to Read This Book...  (Read 4615 times)

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Re: Every Black Person Needs to Read This Book...
« Reply #20 on: September 07, 2011, 10:49:37 AM »
I'm having a hard time reading this book (some writing styles just don't work well with my brain), but since you raised some really good questions, I'm gonna give it another shot.
The subject matter held my interest. It was just his writing style that caused me to lose interest. :-[
Yes, his writing style tends to be rather dense, but that could be a product of his times. Some parts I had to go over several times to get the meaning...
I think that things have improved for many of us when it comes to "equality" in certain parts of life. But I don't think we've grown that much as a whole. I might be wrong though. :-\ 

From what you've seen personally, have things changed in the past few decades?

Things have changed, but not enough. Growing up in the 1950's, TV and media were lily-white, with Black/Latino/Native American culture stereotyped on the sidelines, there for whites' amusement and entertainment. The 1960's-70's introuduced change and equal rights, the 1980's were largely a reaction to the rebellion of that decade, and because of population changes in the 1990-2000 decades minority cultures came more into the mainstream. But IMO education still seems Eurocentric and America suffers from significant backlash (like the rise of Tea Party types in response to Obama's election).

Oddly enough, the greatest advances have been in pop culture, as a leading edge to legal and academia. I could relate to the author's struggle with the academics and intelligentsia of his day. After all, don't we go through the same thing in Gospel music? The 'educated' with Classical-oriented Spiritual arrangements verses the beat of the street? But both have validity...
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