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Author Topic: As 2012 ends what have you learned? where have youfailed? how have you grown?  (Read 848 times)

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Have you reached the musical goals you set for this year? Why or Why Not/

What did you learn this year?

What skills do you need to develop in 2013?
What is your plan to achieve them?
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I didn't achieve musical goals on the organ...reason: did not practice
Drums...I have improved a lot. I've been working a lot of increasing my foot speed and it has def increased.
2013...I plan to increase my foot speed even more and add ability to play dynamics with my foot...a la Jojo Mayer. How? I use quick doubles with my right foot when practicing triplets around the kit. I am up to 200BPM with triplets.
Next year I hope to imitate the same playing 16ths around the kit.
I also plan to strengthen my left hand around the kit. I guess making it more active when I play rudiments around the kit
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