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Author Topic: Expect the Great Choir Parts Here  (Read 5852 times)

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Expect the Great Choir Parts Here
« on: February 04, 2013, 09:29:13 AM »
Expect The Great (Jonathan Nelson): Bb
Interpreted by ucja2008

This is just the beginning, the year of refreshing
S/A-Unison: D,Eb,F,F,Eb,D,C,(Bb?),D
His plan now unfolding, the time of your great blessing
 S/A-Unison: Bb,F,F,Eb,D,C,Bb,D               
Expect nothing but victory, that's the promise of our King
 S/A-Unison: Bb,F,F,Eb,D,C,Bb,D   
To do exceedingly, abundantly above all you ask or think, So
S/A-Unison: A,Bb,Bb,F,(Bb,G,?)D,G,A,F,D,Eb,D,C,Bb, Eb,D,C(Bb) F,Bb
(1)Expect the great, expect the great
S: F,G,Bb,C                      :D,C,Bb
A: (Bb,C)D,Eb,F,G           :D,C,Bb
T: Bb,C,D,Eb                     
(2)Expect the great, expect the great
S: F,F        :Bb,C,D
A: F,G        :F,G,A,Bb
T                :D,Eb,F
Repeat 1 Then 2
(back to verse)
Anticipate, faith activate
S:Bb,G,F,C,Bb     :D,C,Bb,C,Bb,C,D
A:                  :Bb,G,F,G,Bb
T:                  : F,Eb,D,Eb,D,F
This is your year
S: Bb,C,D,Eb
A: F,G,Bb,C
T: D,Eb,F,G
Your moment is here
Expect the great blessing now S:G,Ab,C,F,G,F,F
Expect the great blessing now   *
S:G,Ab,C,F,G,F,      Bb
The blessing is on you S:Bb,Bb,Bb,Bb,
A: Either
The blessing is on you + Same

Expect the great blessing  (Take From The *)
The blessing is on you (Take From The + But In Major)
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