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Author Topic: A email I got from an old friend  (Read 1547 times)

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A email I got from an old friend
« on: August 18, 2014, 07:59:42 PM »
Hi guys? I had receive an email from a old friend of mine. He's very methodical in the way he thinks and also is a intelligent person. Here is what he sent to me. And it says,

Beginners guide to playing the guitar

I remember when I started out playing the guitar at the age 18. I remember some of the things I had to learn. So if I ever get in the business of teaching guitar, here is some of the things I will have to teach and how should that person go about learning to play the guitar. I will teach them…

1.   Learning the parts on the guitar
2.   Learning Alternate picking
3.   Learning the notes on the fret board
4.   Learning the Major and Minor pentatonic scales
5.   Learning scale degrees within the key
6.   Learning intervals
7.   Learning the seven basic chords that are in a key
8.   Learning open position chords
9.   Learning barre chords
10.   Learning to play full basic triad inversions on the guitar
11.   Learning to play basic chord progressions
12.   Learning how to hold the guitar
13.   Learning how to hold the guitar pick
14.   Learning the CAGED system
15.   Learning to practice with a metronome
16.   Learning power chords (e.g. root and perfect fifth)
17.   Learning double stops (e.g. root and major or minor 3rd)
18.   Learning to play octaves
19.   Learning Legato
20.   Learning to improvise
21.   Learning songs
22.   Learning licks, riffs, fill-ins, etc…

23.   Learning Chord Family Substitutions
24.   Learning how to target chord tones (e.g. diatonically and chromatically)
25.   Learning the difference between straight feel and swing feel
26.   Learning the Minor Blues scale
27.   Learning the Minor Blues Chord progression (e.g. im7-ivm7-vm7)
28.   Learning the Major Blues scale
29.   Learning the Major Blues Chord progression (e.g. I7-IV7-V7)
30.   Learning the seven diatonic church modes
31.   Learning chord progressions in each mode (e.g. Dorian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Phrygian, Ionian)
32.   Learning passing chords (e.g. dim7 chords)
33.   Learning chromatic passing chords
34.   Learning borrowed chords from parallel key
35.   Learning to add Chromaticism in your playing
36.   Learning Rhythm Notation
37.   Learning the Flat-five Tri-tone chord Substitution
38.   Learning the harmonic and melodic minor scale
39.   Learning harmonic and melodic minor chord progressions
40.   Learning the Major, Minor, and Dominant Bebop scale
41.   Learning altered ii-V-I chord progressions in major and minor key
42.   Learning altered chords
43.   Learning the altered scale and how to use it over altered chords.
44.   Learning Chord extensions
45.   Learning arpeggios 
46.   Learning rhythmic patterns on the guitar (e.g. quarter notes, eight notes, eight note triplets, 16th notes, 32nd notes, etc…)
47.   Learning rhythmic strumming patterns (e.g. quarter notes, eight notes, eight note triplets, and16th note strum patterns on the guitar)
48.   Learning Secondary Dominant Chords
49.   Learning exotic scales (e.g. Whole tone scale, diminished scale, etc…)
50.   Learning the Circle of Fifths (or Circle of Fourths)

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Re: A email I got from an old friend
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2015, 11:20:38 AM »
I think this is great and is certainly well thought out!
"You once asked me for advice. You want some now? Never give up a good thing."
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