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Author Topic: HappyBirthday2Me :aka: MusiqSoulBoi & Prayer Needed  (Read 6941 times)

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HappyBirthday2Me :aka: MusiqSoulBoi & Prayer Needed
« on: November 07, 2014, 06:36:07 PM »
Well, Here i am alive and well to wish myself another #happyear2date , I didnt wanna put in the General area cause im sure i wont be active as much as i would like. So to get straight to the point heres the data. I hanging a low profile due to some "issues" that wont go away unless i do some extended "time". (i hope your able to read between the lines) My life has been on paused  the past 2yrs. Meaning ive lost my love and desire to play keys and even drums. So being a musician isnt even in me anymore witch i really dislike. but it something that im going thru that i hope will turn around for my good. Maybe im making sense or just speaking nonsense.

So im asking those who remember me, to keep me in your thoughts as I attack this hardship in my life that Ive created. I look at it as a "good person stuck in a bad situation" , so theres no need to continue running. I need hope and assurance that its gonna be alrite. I just recall i was watching a T.D. Jakes sermon titled "Everything youve been shall not be wasted". I wasnt look for it,, it just seem like a perfect title that fit my conflict. So i do have some hope, especially after see that. So enough talking, i wish you all well.

(**my only preferred contact is email for the next 90days**)

Thank You!!
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