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Author Topic: Chords to: Faded Rose -Shirley Caesar  (Read 1436 times)

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Chords to: Faded Rose -Shirley Caesar
« on: January 24, 2015, 09:48:42 AM »
Chords to: Faded Rose -Shirley Caesar


Key of Eb



Eb Bb/GBb Eb

F/GBb Eb

Gb/FBb D

GEb/GBb Db Eb

Eb Bb/GBb Db Eb

G/Bb Db Eb

Ab Eb/Ab Bb CEb

/Eb, Eb

Ab Eb/F

/Eb, C, Bb

Eb Bb/Eb FGBb



/GBb Eb G

/GBb Eb

Ab Eb/Eb Ab C

/Ab CEb

/Eb Ab B

/Eb Ab

Eb Bb/Eb GBb

Ab F/Ab CEb

/Ab BEb

Eb Bb/GBb Eb

Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G -both hands

Eb Bb/Bb Eb GBb -petals from



GEb/Eb FGBb -petals from

G/Bb Eb G -this

Bb/Bb Db F -faded

Ab Eb/Ab Bb CEb -rose

Ab Eb/Ab Bb CEb -is

/Eb, F, Eb, C, Bb -is all I, I

Eb Bb/Eb GBb -have


CG/GBb Eb -tried to make you

Ab Eb/Eb Ab C -happy

Ab F/Ab CEb -while

/Ab BEb -you

Eb Bb/Eb FGBb -live

/Eb Ab B -while

/Eb Ab -you

/Bb Eb G -live

/Eb, F, G -if I

Ab Eb/CEb FAb -had a million

Db Ab/BEb FAb -dollars

F, G, Ab/BEb F -i

Bb G/Bb Eb G -lie

/Bb Eb G -it

C/ -in

D/ -your

Eb/CFAb, GBb Eb -grave

Ab F, Ab Eb/Ab CEb -with

Eb Bb/GBb Eb -gold

FC/AEb G -but

/AEb -ut that

FD/Bb DF -wouldn't

GE/GCE -wake you from your

AF/ACF -sins

Bb G/Bb Eb FG

/Bb Eb

Bb F/Bb DF


Eb Bb/GBb Eb






Bb, B/


Bb, C, D, Eb, F, G -both hands

Eb Bb/Bb Eb GBb -diamond rings

Bb Ab/CEb FBb

/Eb FAb

Eb Bb/Bb Eb G -diamond rings

F/Bb Eb G -and

G/Bb Eb FG -silv

Bb Ab/Bb Db F -ver

Ab Eb Ab/Ab Bb CEb -things

/CDb Eb, CDb Eb, F, Eb Ab C -i never


Bb/DFBb -had

Eb Bb/Eb GBb -ad

DBb/DFBb -i

CBb/Bb Eb G -tried to make you

Ab Eb/Ab CEb -happy

/Ab BEb -while

/Ab B -you

Eb Bb Db/GBb CEb F -live

while you

Eb Bb Dd/GBb CEb F -live

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