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Author Topic: National Baptist Convention - Music Ministry help  (Read 14485 times)

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National Baptist Convention - Music Ministry help
« on: September 06, 2016, 08:47:07 PM »
Hello All,

I am a Minister of Music at a local church in my area. We have an older lady that plays the piano for the church. She used to be the minister of music years ago. I respect her with everything in me and thankful to have her on staff.

The problem is, we have been trying to come up with ways to enhance the worship service and she fights everything that comes up. We have mentioned a praise and worship team to open up service and she says AS BAPTIST WE HAVE TO HAVE A STANDARD DEVOTIONAL SERVICE(SONG, SCRIPTURE, PRAYER, SONG). We normally sing a hymn to open up service with the congragation as a part of the devotional service and it is always dry and drawn out and really puts a damper on the service. We have tried to open up with a opening choir song and go into the scripture and prayer. She says AS BAPTIST WE HAVE TO HAVE A SONG BEFORE SCRIPTURE AND PRAYER THAT IS ACTUALLY A DEVOTION SONG(SHE HAS A LIST).

We have a great youth dept and we recently started a young adult ministry that is eager about doing things and we have given them a sunday to conduct services. They are getting pretty discouraged by the limits that this lady is putting on everything. We don't want to lose them!

We have a very willing pastor that wants to let us venture into different variations of worship but when she puts that clause, AS A BAPTIST CHURCH, it freezes him up and he can't go against what is said to be baptist doctrine as a baptist church.

I have been researching some on the NBC website but i'm not really finding much information. That's where I need you guys help, if you can!

Does anyone have any resources i can check out??? All help is welcomed!

Thanks guys!!
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