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Author Topic: Full Online Video Tutorial List - SmoothChords.com & Vimeo.com/SmoothChords  (Read 18814 times)

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http://www.SmoothChords.com & http://www.Vimeo.com/SmoothChords

Tutorial Title   Artist   Key(s)
1 - 4 Chord Pattern   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
1-4-5 Exercise   Starling Jones,Jr.   All
1-5-6-4 Chord Progression   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
5 Chord To 1 Chord Pattern   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
7th Chords   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
A Heart That Forgives   Kevin Levar   G
A Little More Jesus   Erica Campbell   Bb
A Praying Spirit   Karen Clark Sheard-Donald Lawrence   D
Above All/Lord I Lift Your Name On High   Stephen Hurd   G
After This   JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise   G - Ab
Agnus Dei   Worship Song   A
All I Need   Brian Courtney Wilson   Db
All Is Well   Rev.Clay Evans & AARC Mass Choir   Eb
All The Way   Carlton Pearson   G
All Things Come Of Thee   Offering Song   G
Alpha & Omega   Israel Houghton   Db
Already Done   The Pace Sisters   D
Already Getting Better   William Murphy   C
Already Here   Brian Courtney Wilson   Ab
Alright, Itís Gonna Be Alright   Min. Jimmy Brown & Pure Spirit   Ab
Amazing   Ricky Dillard   Db
Amazing Grace   Hymn Book   Db
Amazing Grace   Hymn Book   F
Amen (Piano Riff)   Meek Mill   Original Key
Angelís Cry   William Murphy   E
Anointing Fall On Me   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
Anointing Take Me Higher   The Clark Sisters   Ab
Another Blessing   Melvin & Lee Williams   Bb
Anyway   Lonnie Hunter   A
Arise (You Are Good)   William Murphy   G-Ab-A-Bb
As Long As There's You   The McClurkin Project   G
As The Deer   Congregational / Devotion Song   Ab
Awesome   Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship   E
Awesome God   JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise   Ab
Awesome God   Kirbyjon Caldwell & Windsor Village Mass Choir   Eb
Back To Eden   Donald Lawrence   F#
Be Blessed   Bishop Paul Morton   Bb - Db
Be Encouraged   William Becton   Db
Be Fruitful   VaShawn Mitchell   Gb
Be Lifted   Micha Stampley   A
Beautiful As You   Jim Brickman   Original Key
Beauty Of Holiness   Ohio Mass Choir   Bb
Because He Lives   Hymn Book   Ab
Because Of Calvary   John P Kee   D
Because Of Who You Are   Vicki Yohe   F
Before The Throne   Shekinah Glory   
Best Friend Groove   Ron Isley & Kelly Price   Db
Better   Hezekiah Walker   E - F - F#
Better Is One Day   Charlie Hall   E
Bless That Wonderful Name Of Jesus   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
Bless The Lord In The Sanctuary   Eddie Howard   F
Bless The Lord Oh My Soul   Congregational / Devotion Song   Eb
Bless This House   Kurt Carr   C
Blessed   Fred Hammond   Eb
Blessed & Highly Favored   The Clark Sisters   Eb
Blessed Be Your Name   Matt Redman   A
Blessing Me   Bishop Larry Trotter   Eb - G
Blessings & Honor   Fred Hammond   Cm
Blood Shall Never Loose Itís Power   Hymn Book   Eb
Bow Down   Bishop Paul Morton   Db
Bread Of Heaven   Fred Hammond   Eb
Break Every Chain   Tasha Cobbs   A
Breathe On Me   Candi Staton   G
Broken   Shekinah Glory   Cm
Broken But I'm Healed   Byron Cage   Bb
Build A House   John P Kee   F# - G - Ab
Call Him Up   Keith Pringle   F#
Calvary   Damita Haddon   F
Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus   Traditional Song   Db
Capacity   Jonathan Nelson   B
Celebrate The King   Ricky Dillard   C-Db-D-Eb
Center Of My Joy   Richard Smallwood   Db
Chain Breaker   Zach Williams   C
Champions   Freddy Rodriguez   Eb
Changed   Tramaine Hawkins   Ab
Changes   William Murphy   Ab
Chasing After You   Bishop Morton - William Murphy   Ab
Chasing The Sky   TV Show Empire   E
Chord Pattern In Db   Starling Jones,Jr.   Db
Chords - Symbols   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
Clap Your Hands   Joshua's Troop   Db - Eb
Clean Hands   Deleon   Db - D - Eb
Clean Heart   Fred Hammond   A
Clean Inside   Hezekiah Walker   Ab
Close The Door   Teddy Pendergrass   Original Key
Close To You   Bebe & Cece Winans   Ab
Closer Walk With Thee   Solo / Testimonial Song   C
COGIC - Yes Lord (Breakdown)   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
COGIC Theme   Congregational / Devotion Song   Ab
Combustion Of Praise   Full Of The Gospel   
Come Go With Me   Teddy Pendergrass   Original Key
Come See About Me   Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs   Db
Come Thou Almighty King   Rev. Timothy Wright   F
Come To Jesus   Alter Call Song   Db
Completely Yes   Sandra Srouch   Db
Constantly   Rev Clay Evans & AARC Mass Choir   Eb
Cooling Water   The Williams Brothers   Db
Correct Names For Scales & Chords   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
Couldíve Been   Kirk Franklin   F
Cover Me   21:03   Db
Created 2 Worship   Cedric Ford   D
Days Of Elijah   Donnie McClurkin   F
Dearly Beloved   Jaime Foxx   C
Desperate People   Micah Stampley   A
Do You Know Jesus   Hezekiah Walker   Db
Don't Cry   Kirk Franklin   Bb
Don't Do It Without Me   Bishop Paul Morton   Db,D,Eb
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me   The Winans   Bb
Don't Mess With Bill   The Marvellettes   Db
Don't Wait Till The Battle Is Over   Walter Hawkins   Ab
Don't Want No Rocks   Rev. Paul Jones   F
Donít Matter   Akon   Bb
Down By The River   Bishop Ronald E. Brown   Eb
Draw Me   Myron Williams   A
Draw Me Close   Michael Smith   Bb
Emmanuel   Norman Hutchins   D
Emmanuel (Part 2)   Norman Hutchins   Modulation
Encourage Yourself   Donald Lawrence   Db
Enter In   Joe Pace   C,Db,D
Everbody Praise   Temple of Deliverance Womens Choir   F#
Every Key Chord Exercise   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
Every Praise   Hezekiah Walker   Db - D- Eb
Everything   Tye Tribbett   E
Everything Is Gonna Be Alright   Al Green   C
Exhale "Shoop Shoop"   Whitney Houston   C#
Expect The Great   Jonathan Nelson   Bb
Expecting A Harvest   Rasean Buckley   Bb
Eye On The Sparrow   Hymn Book   Db
Faithful   Hezekiah Walker   Bb - Db
Faithful (Horn Intro On Piano)   Hezekiah Walker   Bb
Faithful To Believe   Byron Cage   C, Db, D
Fall On Me   Shekinah   Abm
Falling In Love With Jesus   Kirk Whalum   Ab
Father Can You Hear Me   Tyler Perry Movie "Diary Of A MBW"   Bb
Fill Me Up   Casey J   F
Finish Strong   Jonathan Nelson   Eb - F
First   Lauren Daigle   C
Fix it Jesus   The Canton Spirituals   D
Flow To You   Bishop Paul Morton   D
Flying Without Wings   Ruben Studdard   Ab
For The Rest Of My Life   Rev. Timothy Wright   F - F# - G
For Who You Are   Beverly Crawford   Bb
For You I Am Praying   Twinkie Clark   Db
For Your Glory   Bishop Paul Morton   Ab
Forever You're My King   Martha Munizzi   Db - D- Eb
Fragile Heart   Yolanda Adams   D
Friend Of God   Israel & New Breed   E
Fully Committed   Kingdom   F
Get Ready   Trinity Inspirational Choir   Ab
Giants   Donald Lawrence   F#
Give Glory To God Saints   Richard Foy   Ab,Bb,C,Db
Give Me A Chance   Jaime Foxx   G
Give Me My Flowers   James Cleveland   Db
Give Me You   Shana Wilson   E
Give Thanks   Congregational / Devotion Song   F
Glorious   Martha Munizzi   Gm
Glorious Is Thy Name   West Angeles COGIC   Bb
Glory   John Legend   C
Glory Glory Hallelujah   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
Glory To Your Name   Byron Cage   D-Eb
Glory To Your Name   Shekinah Glory   D
Glory,Glory,Glory   Bishop Noel Jones   Db
Go Get It   Mary Mary   Abm
God Be With You   Church Benediction Song   F
God Favored Me   Hezekiah Walker   D - F#
God Has Smiled On Me   James Cleveland   F
God Is   James Cleveland   Bb
God Is   DeWayne Woods & Tri-City Singers   F#
God Is Able   Joe Leavell & St.Stephen Choir   F - Ab
God Is Doing Something Wonderful In Me   David Frazier   Gb
God Is Faithful   Kelly Price & Donnie McClurkin   D
God Is Great   Ricky Dillard   Db - Ab
God Is Keeping Me   MS Mass Choir   Eb
God Is My Everything   Chicago Mass Choir   Eb
God Is Real   Mahalia Jackson   C
God Loves You   Canton Spirituals   E
God Provides   Tamela Mann   Db
God Said He Would Heal The Land   Rev.Clay Evans   Bb
God Wants A Yes   James Hall   F#,G,Ab
God Will Make It Alright   The Truthettes   F
God Will Take Care Of You   Lonnie Hunter   Eb
God's Gift   Shekinah Glory   F#
God's Got A Blessing   Norman Hutchins   E
God's Got A Blessing For You   Bishop Clarence McClendon   Db
Goin Up Yonder   Andrae Crouch   Db
Golden   Jill Scott   Eb
Golden (Wedding Song)   Chrisette Michelle   Ab
Gonna Be Alright   The Winans   F# - Ab
Good   Karen Clark Sheard   Eb
Good Good Father   Chris Tomlin   A
Good News   Vanessa Bell Armstrong   B
Goodbye Love   Guy   Original Key
Goodness, Mercy, Grace   The Winans   Eb
Grace & Mercy   MS Mass Choir   Eb
Grateful   Hezekiah Walker   Eb
Great Are You Lord   All Sons & Daughters   A
Great Is The Lord (Psalm 48)   Richard Smallwood   Ab
Great Is Thy Faithfulness   Hymn Book   C
Great Is Your Mercy   Donnie McClurkin   F
Great Things   Deandre Patterson   Ab
Greater   Tasha Cobbs   Db-Eb
Greater Is Coming   Jekalyn Carr   Eb
Groove (She Changed Me)   Jaimee Foxx   D
Grooving Pattern   Starling Jones,Jr.   Eb
Guide Me Oh Great Jehovah   Congregational / Devotion Song   Eb
Had Not Been For The Lord On My Side   Solo / Testimonial Song   Db
Hallellujah   Worship Song   Db
Hallelujah Anyhow   Joe Pace   Eb
Hang On   GEI & Kierra Sheard   F#
Happy   Tasha Cobbs   G
Happy Birthday Song   Traditional Way   Db
Harvest Time   John P Kee & The Williams Brothers   D
Have Your Way   Joe Pace   Db
Have Your Way   Karen Clark Sheard   Eb
Having You There   MS Mass Choir   Ab
He Got Up   Edwin Hawkins   Eb
He Got Up   Clint Brown   G
He Has Done Marvelous Things   Choir Warm Up Song   All
He Has His Hands On You   Marvin Sapp   Db
He Knows Just What I Need   Elvis Pressley   Eb  - Ab
He Looked Beyond My Faults   Hymn Book   Db
He Reigns   Youthful Praise   Db
He Reigns   Kevin Levar   F#
He Wants It All   Forever Jones   Eb
He Will Supply   Kirk Franklin   Ab
He'll Welcome Me   John P Kee   F
He's A Keeper   Rodney Bryant   Eb
He's Able   Darwin Hobbs / Deitrick Haddon   B,C,Db,D
He's Alive   Deandre Patterson   Eb
He's Alright   Edwin Hawkins   Ab
He's An On Time God   Dottie Peoples   Eb
He's Preparing Me   Dayrl Coley   Eb
He's Sweet I Know   Traditional Chorus   Eb
He's Sweet I Know   Traditional Chorus   G
He's Up There   Mark S Hubbard   Db, & Up
He's Worthy To Be Praised   Colorado Mass Choir   Ab
Healed   Donald Lawrence   Ab
Heart Of Worship   Tasha Cobbs   C-Db-D-Eb-F
Heaven   Jaime Foxx   G
Hello   Adele   Fm
Help Me To Hold Out   James Cleveland   Ab
Here I Am To Worship   Israel Houghton   E
High Praise   The Anointed Praise Sisters   Eb - G
High Praise (Lord High Above Heavens)   Judith McAllister   Ab
Hold My Mule   Shirley Caesar   Eb
Hold To His Hand   Hymn Book   F
Holiness (Simplified)   Micah Stampley   G
Holy Holy Holy (Uptempo)   Hymn Book   Eb
Holy Is Our God   James Fortune   F#
Holy One   Rance Allen Group   Db
Holy Spirit   Jesus Culture   D
Holy Spirit   Candi Staton   G
Holy Spirit Rain, Rain Down On Us   Mark Condon   Bb,B,C
Hosanna   Earnest Pugh   D,Eb,E,F
How Deeply I Need You   Shekinah Glory   F
How Great Is Our God   Chris Tomlin   Db
How I Got Over   Mahalia Jackaon   Ab
I Almost Let Go   Kurt Carr   F
I Am What God Says I Am   Maurette Brown Clark   Eb,E,F
I Am Your Help   Youthful Praise   G
I Believe   James Fortune   Db-Eb
I Belong To God   1st Lousiana Jurisdiction Mass Choir   G
I Belong To You   William McDowell   Ab
I Call You Faithful   Donnie McClurkin   Eb
I Came To Magnify The Lord   Bishop Clarence McClendon   Eb
I Came To Tell You   Trinity Inspirational Choir   Db
I Can Explain   Rachelle Ferrell   F#
I Can Only Imagine   Tamela Mann   Db
I Can Only Imagine   Congregational / Devotion Song   E
I Command My Hands   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
I Don't Look Like (What I've Been Through)   Deon Kipping   B
I Donít Mind Waiting   Juanita Bynum   C
I Feel Like Going On (Chorus Only)   The Five Heartbeats Movie   Db
I Found Love   Bebe Winans   F#
I Get Lonely   Janet Jackson   Dm
I Give Myself Away   William McDowell   Bb
I Give You All The Praise   Chicago Mass Choir   A
I Give You The Praise   Chicago Mass Choir   Db,D
I Hear Music   Rev. Timothy Wright   Db
I Just Want To Praise You (Simplified)   Maurette Brown Clark (Similar)   Gb-Ab
I Know It Was the Blood   Communion Song   Db
I Know It Was The Blood   Beverly Crawford   E
I Know What Prayer Can Do   Donald Malloy   Db
I Lift My Hands   Arkansas Mass Choir   Db
I Look To You   Whitney Houston   Db
I Look To You (Original Key)   Whitney Houston   E
I Love The Lord   Whitney Houston   C - Db
I Love The Lord   Phillip Carter   C
I Love To Praise Him   Congregational / Devotion Song   Eb
I Love You   Mary Alessi   G
I Love You Lord & I Lift My Voice   Congregational / Devotion Song   F
I Love You Lord Today   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
I Miss You   Guy - Aaron Hall   Original Key
I Need Thee, Oh I Need Thee   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
I Need You   Tye Tribbett   E
I Need You   VaShawn Mitchell   D
I Need You   Donnie McClurkin   Db
I Need You To Survive   Hezekiah Walker   Db
I Need Your Glory   Earnest Pugh   Db - Eb
I Never Lost My Praise   Tramaine Hawkins   G
I Remember   Keyshia Cole   Original Key
I Shall Wear A Crown   Thomas Whitfield   Eb
I Smile   Kirk Franklin   Db,D
I Stand On Your Word   Jonathan Butler   C - Db
I Still Have A Praise Inside of Me   Georgia Mass Choir   Bb
I Still Have Joy   Colorado Mass Choir   Db
I Surrender All   Hymn Book   Db
I Surrender All / We Say Yes   William McDowell   Ab
I Told The Storm   Gregory O'Quin   Eb
I Trust You   James Fortune   D,Eb,E
I Was Created To Worship   John Lakin   Eb
I Will Bless The Lord   Hezekiah Walker   F#
I Will Bless The Lord   Byron Cage   F#
I Will Bless The Lord   Joe Pace   C - Db- D- Eb
I Will Bless Thee Oh Lord   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
I Will Rejoice   William Murphy   G
I Will Trust In The Lord   Traditional Song   G
I Win   Clint Brown   Ebm
I Won't Go Back   William McDowell   Bb
I Wonít Complain   Solo / Testimonial Song   F
I Worship You Jesus   Phil Tarver   F#
I Worship You With All Of Me   Mary Alessi   D
I'll Fly Away   Hezekiah Walker   Db
I'll Go   Rec. C L Franklin   Eb
I'll Make It   John P. Kee & Hezekiah Walker   Ab
I'll Worship You   Clint Brown   Ab to C
I'm Gonna Wave My Hands   New Direction   Dbm
I'm Looking For A Miracle   The Clark Sisters   Ab
I'm Still Here   The Williams Brothers   Eb
I'm Yours   Casey J   Db
I've Got A Reason   Byron Cage / Deon Kipping   Db
I've Got A Testimony   Rev Clay   Ab
Iíll Fly Away   Hymn   Bb
Iím Still Holding On   Luther Barnes   F
If I Don't Wake Up   The Williams Brothers   F#
If Not For Your Grace   Israel & New Breed   F
If You Can Use Anything Lord (Chorus Only)   Ron Kenoly   Db
If You're Happy   Whitehaven District Choir   Db
Imagine Me   Kirk Franklin   C
In Awe Of You (Simplified)   Izzy   F
In Everything Give Thanks   Lashun Pace   Db
In My New Home   Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs   B
In The Morning When I Rise   Carlton Pearson   G
In The Presence Of Jehovah   Terry MacAlmon   Db-D-Eb
In Your Favor   Youthful Praise   F#
Incredible God   Youthful Praise   Db
Intentional   Travis Greene   A
Intercession   Kirk Franklin   F
Into Thy Chamber   Paul Parnell   Eb
Inversions   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
It Ain't Over   Maurette Brown Clark   F#
It Is For Me   Miami Mass   G
It Is To You   Byron Cage   D
It Never Rains In Southern California   Tony Toni Tone   Original Key
It Shall Come To Pass   New Birth Mass Choir   Ab
It Shall Come To Pass   Hezekiah Walker   F# - G
It's About Time For A Miracle   Beverly Crawford   Ab
It's All God   The Soul Seekers   C
It's Alright, It's Ok   Shirley Caesar & Anthony Hamilton   Eb
It's Not Over   Karen Clark Sheard   Eb
It's Working   William Murphy   Bb
It's Your Time   Luther Barnes   D
Jazz Run - Chord Breakdown   Starling Jones,Jr.   Db
Jesus   Kirk Franklin   C
Jesus   Shekinah Glory   G
Jesus   Le'Andria Johnson   
Jesus I'll Never Forget   Congregational Song   Eb
Jesus In Me Loves Jesus In You   Welcome / Greeting Song   Db
Jesus Is Love   Commodores   Ab
Jesus Is My Rock   Rev.Gerald Thompson   Eb
Jesus Is On The Main Line   Traditional Song   Eb
Jesus Is Real   John P Kee   Eb
Jesus Is The Answer   Andrae Crouch   Ab
Jesus Is The Best Thing   James Cleveland   F
Jesus Is The Best Thing   Martha Munizzi   Db
Jesus Is The Light That Shineth In Me   Florida Mass Choir   G  - Ab
Jesus Is Worthy To Be Praised   Chicago Mass Choir   F
Jesus Jesus Jesus   Rev. Timothy Wright   Db
Jesus Jesus Jesus   Rev. Timothy Wright   Ab
Jesus Loves The Little Children   Children's Church Song   F
Jesus Promised   Chicago Mass Choir   Db
Jesus Reigns   Youthful Praise   Ab,A,Bb
Jesus Said It   Eddie James   Eb-E-F
Jesus Will   Anita Wilson   Eb, E, F
Jesus Will Pick You Up   The Williams Sisters   Cm
Jesus,Calling Your Name   Shirley Caesar   F
Joy In My Soul   Rance Allen Group   Eb
Just Be Held   Casting Crowns   C
Keep On Moving On   Hezekiah Walker   Ab
Keeps On Making A Way   Reed's Temple Choir   Ab
Key To The Streets "Piano Riff"   YFN Lucci   
Keyboard Basics   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
L.O.V.E   Joshua's Troop   
Lay Your Head On My Pillow   Tony Toni Tone   Original Key
Lead Me Guide Me   Congregational Hymn   Eb
Lean On Me   Helen Miller   G
Lean On Me   Bill Withers   Db
Leaning On the Everlasting Arms   Rev. Timothy Wright   Eb
Let Everything That Hath Breath   Florida A&M Choir / Twinkie Clark-Terrell   
Let Go, Let God   DeWayne Woods   Eb
Let It Rain   Bishop Paul Morton   C
Let It Rise   William Murphy   G
Let My Words Be Few   Matt Redman   Ab
Let The Church Say Amen   Andrae Crouch   Ab
Let The Church Say Amen   Andrae Crouch   Eb
Let The Church Say Amen (Original Key)   Andrae Crouch   Db
Let The Words Of My Mouth   Hymn Book   C
Let Them See You   JJ Weeks Band   C
Let's Chill   Guy   Original Key
Let's Get Married   Jagged Edge   Original Key
Let's Have A Good Time "Celebrate"   Lemmie Battles   Ab
Lift Him Up   Hezekiah Walker   Fm
Like Never Before   William Murphy   
Like The Dew   Judith McAllister   F
Lion Of Judah   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db - F
Lion Of Judah   Eddie James   Db - D- Eb
Livin   The Clark Sisters   Eb
Living, He Loved Me   Donnie McClurkin   Ab
Lord Do It   James Cleveland/Hezekiah Walker   Ab
Lord Have Your Way   Joe Pace   G
Lord I Draw From You   Worship Song   C
Lord I Lift Your Name On High   Congregational / Devotion Song   F
Lord I Say Thank You   Lisa Page Brooks   Eb
Lord It's In Your Hands   Ronica & The Mighty Blazing Stars   Ab
Lord Keep Me Day By Day   The Caravans   Ab
Lord Prepare Me   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
Lord You Are Awesome   William Murphy   Db-D-Eb
Lord You Are Good   Israel Houghton   E
Lord You Reign   Bishop Leonard Scott   Ab
Lord You're Mighty   Youthful Praise   Db
Lord You're Worthy   New Direction   Db - G
Lord, I Love You   Eddie Baltrip   F-Gb-G-Ab
Lord, You're The Landlord   MS Mass   F
Lose My Soul   Toby Mac & Kirk Franklin   Eb
Made To Love You   Gerald Levert   Eb
Major Scale & Minor Scale   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
Marvelous   Walter Hawkins   Ab
Mary Don't You Weep   Aretha Franklin   Db
Mary Mary Quite Contrary   Jaime Foxx   G
Me Again   J Moss   G
Meditational Chords   Starling Jones,Jr.   
Midnight   Brent Jones   Db
Mighty God   Deitrick Haddon   Eb,E,F
Mighty Good God   Chicago Mass Choir   Bb
Mighty You Are   The Walls Group   A
More More More   Joanne Rosario   C - D
More Than Anything (Full Song)   Lamar Campbell   Db
More Than Anything (Myron Williams)   Myron Williams   Bb
More Than Anything (Worship Ending)   Lamar Campbell   All
Move On Up A Little Higher   Mahalia Jackson   Ab
Moving Forward   Israel Houghton   A
My God Can Do Anything   Luther Barnes   G
My Hands Are Lifted Up   Jovonta Patton   Ab
My Heart Belongs To You   Jodeci   Original Key
My Heart Says Yes   Troy Sneed   C
My Help   Brooklyn Tab Choir   F
My Hope Is Built   Hymn Book   F
My Liberty   Southeast Inspirational Choir   Ab
My Life My Love My All   Kirk Franklin   Db
My Name Is Victory   Jonathan Nelson   Db
My Soul Is Anchored   Douglas Miller   G
My Soul Is Anchored   Douglas Miller   C
My Soul Loves Jesus   Traditional Song / Solo   Eb
My Worship Is For Real   VaShawn Mitchell   Ab
Near The Cross   Congregational Hymn   F
Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer   Stevie Wonder   C - D
Never Would Have Made It   Marvin Sapp   C
New Season   Israel & New Breed   Db
Next In Line   Lisa Knowles & The Brown Singers   Eb
Nice Groove   Starling Jones,Jr.   Eb
No Greater Love   Easter Song   Bb
No Greater Love (Solo Intro)   Easter Song   Bb
No Looking Back   Damita Haddon   C
No One Else   Chris & Kyle - True Spirit    Eb - F#
No Ways Tired   James Cleveland   Eb
No Weapon (Chorus Onlny)   Fred Hammond   Ab
Nobody Greater   Praise & Worship Version   Db
Nobody Greater   VaShawn Mitchell   Gb-Ab
Nobody Like You Lord   Maranda Willis   F#
Not About Us   Bishop Noel Jones   F#
Note Names   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
Nothing But The Blood    Wilmington Chester Mass Choir   Eb
Nothing Without You   Jason Nelson   A - C
Oh Give Thanks Unto The Lord   Judith McAllister   Bb - Db
Oh How I Love Jesus   Hymn   Db
Oh How Precious   Kathy Taylor   Bb
Oh How We Love You   Preashea Hilliard   Bb-B-C-Db
Oh Jesus   Dorothy Norwood   Eb
Oh Lord How Excellent   Walt Whitman   Eb
Oh Magnify The Lord   Congregational / Devotion Song   Bb
Oh Taste & See   Chicago Mass Choir   C-Db-D
One Last Cry   Brian McKnight   Original Key
One Last Cry   BrianMcKnight   F#
One More Time   Congregational Song   Db
One Way   Tamela Mann   Em
Only You Are Holy   Donnie McClurkin   F
Ooh Child   Donnie McClurkin & Kirk Franklin   Bb
Open The Door   Kim Burrell   Ab
Order My Steps   GMWA Womens Choir   Db
Ordinary People   John Legend   F
Organ Drawbar Settings   Starling Jones,Jr.   
Organ Practice   Starling Jones,Jr.   
Organ Video   Starling Jones,Jr.   
Our God Is An Awesome God   Chorus Only Progression - Simple   Db
Outpour   Deitrick Haddon   Ab
Pass Me Not   Hymn (Extra Chords)   Ab
Pass Me Not   Douglas Miller   C
Peace Be Still   James Cleveland   Db
Personal   Neville Peter   C-Db
Piece Of My Love   Guy   Original Key
Pour Out Your Spirit   Jason Nelson   
Praise Him   New Jersey Mass Choir   F
Praise Him In Advance   Marvin Sapp   Eb
Praise Is What I Do   William Murphy   Eb
Praise Is What I Do   William Murphy   C
Praise Jehovah   Chicago Mass Choir   Ab
Praise To The Rock   Youthful Praise   Db
Prayer of Jabez   Donald Lawrence   Db
Praying For You   William Murphy   F#
Preacher Chords Pattern   Starling Jones,Jr.   All
Precious Lord   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
Pretty Brown Eyes   Mint Condition   Original Key
Promise   Jagged Edge   Original Key
Promise To Love   Kem   Bb
Psalm 64   Smokie Norful   C#
Pulling Me Through   Todd Dulaney   E
Pure Worship   Min. Jimmy Brown & Pure Spirit   F#
Put A Praise On It   Tasha Cobbs   Bb
Put It On The Altar   Jessica Reedy   E
Question Is   Winans   A
Rain   Tamela Mann   Bb
Rain Down   Fighting Temptations   F
Rain On us   Sha' Simpson   G
Rain On Us   John P Kee   Db
Rainbow   Vicki Winans   Bb
Raise It Up   August Rush   C
Rejoice   Israel Houghton   E
Relative Major & Relative Minor   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
Remember Me   Traditional Song   Db
Revelations 19 (Hallellujah,Salvation,Glory)   Stephen Hurd   Dd
Ribbon In the Sky   Stevie Wonder   Db
Right Now Praise   Jonathan Nelson   B,C,Db
Rise Up   Andra Day   Db
Rock Of Ages   Truth Ministries Youth Mass Choir   F#
Rock'n That Thang   The Dream   Original Key
Rough Side Of The Mountain   F.C Barnes & Company   Eb
Run And Tell That   Bisho Michael V. Kelsay   Db
Running For My Life   Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs   
Running Over   Joe Pace   Bb
Saved By Grace   Michael Hart   E
Say The Word   Rodnie Bryant   Bb
Scale Fingering   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
Set The Atmosphere   Kirk Carr   
Shackles   Mary Mary   Gm
Shake The Devil Off   Dorothy Norwood   Eb
Shame   Tyrese   Original Key
Share My Life   Kem   E
Shifting The Atmosphere   Jason Nelson   D
Shout Hallelujah   Bishop Clarence McClendon   Ab - Bb
Shouting Chords / Patterns   Starling Jones,Jr.   
Show Us Your Glory   Bishop Paul Morton   C
Silent Night   Hymn   Bb
Silver & Gold   Kirk Franklin   Db
Smile   Tasha Cobbs   B
Smooth Chords   Starling Jones,Jr.   
So Amazing   Luther Vandross/Darwin Hobbs   
So Easy To Love You   Israel   E
So Faithful   Eddie James   Db
So Good   Joe Pace & Colorado Mass Choir   Bb
So Hard To Get Along   Dottie Peoples   Eb
Somebody Prayed For Me   Congregational Song   Db
Somebody Prayed For Me   Dorothy Norwood   F
Something About The Name Jesus   Kirk Franklin & Rance Allen   C -Db
Something Happens   Preashea Hilliard   F#-G-Ab
Something New   The Clark Sisters   Ab
Something Out Of Nothing   Jessica Reedy   Db
Sometimes I'm Burdened   Luther Barnes   Original Key
Somewhere Around The Throne   Mighty Clouds Of Joy   Db
Soon & Very Soon   Andrae Crouch   F
Soul On Fire   Third Day   Db
Souled Out   Hezekiah Walker   F
Speak Into The Atmosphere   Myron Butler   C
Sprit Fall Down   Luther Barnes   G#,G
Stand   Donnie McClurkin   Ab
Standing In The Need Of Prayer   John P Kee   C
Starling's Organ Video   Starling Jones,Jr.   
Step Aside   Tamela Mann   Bb - C
Still Here    Mississippi Mass Choir   C
Still In Love   Brian McKnight   Bb
Still Standing   Israel Houghton   E
Storm Out On The Ocean   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
Stranger In The City   Inez Andrews   Db
Sweeping Through The City   Shirley Caesar   Ab
Sweet Holy Spirit   Hymn Book   Db
Take Me Back   Ricky Dillard   Ab
Take Me Out To The Ballgame   Author Unknown   Db
Take Me To The King   Tamela Mann   Ab
Take Me To The King (Original Key)   Tamela Mann   Db
Take Me To The Water   Baptism Song   Db
Talk Music Chords   Starling Jones,Jr.   Db
Tell Jesus   Chicago Mass Choir   Db
Thank You   Walter Hawkins   Ab
Thank You   Benita Washington   Db
Thank You Lord ( He Did It All)   John P. Kee   Eb
Thank You Lord (Traditional)   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
The Air I Breathe   Byron Cage   G
The Anthem (Won the victory)   Full Gospel International Worship Choir   D
The Battle Is The Lord's   Yolanda Adams   D - Eb - E
The Best In Me   Marvin Sapp   Bb
The Blood Still Works   Malcolm Williams   Ab
The Day I Married My Angel   Jamie Foxx - Wedding Song   G
The Great I Am   Earnest Pugh   Eb,F,G
The Greatest   Isaiah Thomas   F
The Greatest Worship   Candi Staton   G
The King Has Come   James Hall   Bb
The Light   Ricky Dillard   Ab
The Lion And The Lamd   Big Daddy Waeve   B
The Lord Is Blessing Me   Congregational Song   Db
The Lord Is My Shepherd   Dr.Watts   Ab
The Lord's Prayer   Wedding Song / Solo   Db
The Master's Calling   Deborah Joy Winans   Eb
The Number System   Starling Jones,Jr.   All Keys
The Point Of It All   Anthony Hamilton   G
The Potter   David Hollister   Ab
The Storm Is Over Now   Kirk Franklin   C
The Struggle Is Over   Youth For Christ   F
The Vision   Patrick Love   Db
The Well   Casting Crowns   Ab
The Worship Medley   Tye Tribbett   C
There Is A Fountain   Hymn Book   C
There Is None Like You   Solo / Testimonial Song   Db
There's A Bright Side Somewhere   Bishop Walker & Judah generation   G,Ab
They That Wait   Fred Hammond   Bb
Thirsty   Marvin Sapp   D
This Is Amazing Grace   Phil Wickham   Bb
This Is the Day   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
This Joy   Shirley Caesar   Db
This Little Light Of Mine (Jazzy)   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
This Morning When I Rose   Mississippi Mass Choir   Db
This Place   Tamala Mann   B
Thou Art A Shield   Byron Cage   D
Thought You'd Like To Know (Mama)   Candi Staton   Bb
Through It All   Andrea Crouch   Eb - Ab
Thunder   Jackson Southernaires   G
Thy Will   Hillary Scott   Eb
To Close To The Mirror   Eddie Ruth Bradford   Bb
To God Be The Glory "Shout Bump"   Starling Jones,Jr.   Eb
To My Father's House   Edwin Hawkins   Ab
To Worship You I Live   Isreal Houghton   C
Tonight   John Legend   Bb
Total Praise   Richard Smallwood   Db
Trouble In My Way   Traditional Song   C#
True Repentance   Anointed Brown Sisters   C
True Victory   Keith Pringle   Ab
True Vine   Anointed Brown Sisters   Bb
Trust In God   The Winans   Bb
Undignified Praise   Stephen Hurd   G
Unfailing Love (Chorus Only)   Jimmy Needham   Original Key
Victory   New Direction   Eb
Victory   Yolanda Adams   Db
Victory Belongs To Jesus   Todd Dulaney   Bb
View That Holy City   Rizen   Bb
Voice Of Truth   Casting Crowns   F
Wait On The Lord   Donnie McClurkin & Karen Clark Sheard   F - Ab
Wait On You   Janice Gaines   Ab
Walk With Me Lord   Solo / Testimonial Song   F
Walking In Authority   Donnie McClurkin   Eb
Wanna Be Happy   Kirk Franklin   C
Want To Be Just Like Him   Youth Choir Song   Ab
War   Charles Jenkins   Ab
War Cry   Ricky Dillard   Bb
Wash Me Over Again   Rev. Timothy Wright   G
Watch Me Praise Him   Deitrick & Daminta Haddon   
Wave My Hand   Lee Williams & The Spiritual QCs   C
We Are All God's Children   Deitrick Haddon   Db
We Are Victorious   Donnie McClurkin & Tye Tribbett   Eb
We Believe   The Newsboys   D
We Belong Together   Mariah Carey   G
We Fall Down   Donnie McClurkin   Ab
We Offer Christ To You   Bishop Paul Morton   Gb
We Offer Praise   Rodnie Bryant   C,Db
We Serve A Mighty God   Bishop J.C. Williams & Voices of New Life   Db,D,Eb
We Shall Receive   Kevin Davidson & The Voices   Ab
We Sing The Praises   Shekinah Choir   F - F#
We Win   Israel Houghton   
We Worship Christ Our Lord   Worship Song   Db
We Worship You In The Spirit   Deitrick Haddon   Cm
We Worship You Today   Darwin Hobbs   Dbm
Weíve Come This Far By Faith   Choir March In Song   Db
Welcome Holy Spirit   Evelyn Turrentine-Agee   Am
Welcome Into This Place   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
Well Done   Deitrick Haddon   Db
What A Fellowship   Hymn Book   F
What A Friend   Congregational Hymn   F
What A Love   Shekinah Glory   F#
What A Mighty God We Serve   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
What About Us   Jodeci   Original Key
Whatís In Your Name   Daryl Coley   Eb
Whatever You Need   North Carolina Community Choir   D
Whatever You Want   Tony Toni Tone   Original Key
Whatever You Want (God's Got It)   Chicago Mass Choir   Ab
When I First Saw You   Jamie Foxx   D
When I See Jesus   Solo / Testimonial Song   C
When I Think About Jesus (Dance All Night)   Kirk Franklin   Ab
When I Think About The Lord   Hillsong   Eb
When I Worship   Joe Pace & Colorado Mass Choir   Db,D,Eb
When I'm With You   Tony Terry   Ab
When We All Get To Heaven   Hymn Book   C
When You've Been Blessed   Patti LaBelle   C - Eb
Who Can Satisfy   Alvin Slaughter   Eb - E - F
Whoís On The Lordís Side   Rev. Timothy Wright   Ab
Wish You Were Here   Jamie Foxx   D
WithHolding Nothing   William McDowell   Bb
Without You   Tasha Cobbs   G
Woke Up Mind On Jesus   Solo / Testimonial Song   F
Wonderful   Carlton Pearson   Db
Wonderful Is Your Name   Hezekiah Walker   Bb
Worship Chords   Starling Jones,Jr.   Dbm
Worship Extension   Starling Jones,Jr.   All
Worship The Lord, Can't Stop Praising   Ron Kenoly   Db
Worth   Anthony Brown & Group Therapy   D
Worthy Is Your Name   Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship   C-Db-D-Eb
Worthy To Be Praised   Micah Stampley   F - F#
Wrap Me In Your Arms   William McDowell   Db
Yahweh   Mali Music   Bb
Yes   Shekinah Glory   F#
Yes   Musiq Soulchild   Bb
Yes - Iím A Believer   Rev.Timothy Wright   Db
Yes You Can   Marvin Sapp   Bb
Yesterday - Original Key   Mary Mary   Db
Yesterday (Ab)   Mary Mary   Ab
Yield Not To Temptation (Eb)   Hymn Book   Eb
Yield Not To Temptation (F)   Hymn Book   F
You & I   Stevie Wonder   F
You Are   Charlie Wilson   Eb - E
You Are God Alone   William McDowell   G
You Are God Alone   Marvin Sapp   Bb
You Are Holy Oh So Holy   Congregational / Devotion Song   Db
You Are My All And All   Dennis Jernigan   F
You Are My Ministry   Shirley Murdock   Eb
You Are My Strength   William Murphy   G
You Brought Me   Willie Neal & The Gospel Keynotes   Eb
You Brought Me Through This   Rev.Timothy Wright   Db
You Can Make It   Alvin Darling   B
You Can't Beat God Giving (Ab)   The Caravans   Ab
You Can't Beat God giving (F)   The Caravans   F
You Can't Beat Gods Giving (Db)   The Caravans   Db
You Can't Beat Gods Giving (Eb)   The Caravans   Eb
You Deserve   Chrystal Rucker   Bb
You Deserve It   JJ Hairston & Youthful Praise   F#
You Deserve My Praise   Tamela Mann   Eb
You Deserve The Glory   Juanita Bynum   Db
You For Me   Johnny Gill - Wedding Song   Bb-Db-D
You Keep On Blessing Me   Luther Barnes   Db-D
You Loved Me   Karen & Kierra Sheard   F#
You Reign   William Murphy   Eb - G
Youíre Worthy To Be Praised   Judith McAllister   Ab
Your Love   William Murphy   C
Zion   Stephen Hurd   Eb
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