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Brighter Day
(Key of Eb)
FC EbM7(b5)
BbF Ab6
GD Fdim6
( DbAb Fm7 )
CG EbM7 When I close my eyes and think of you
FC EbM7(b5)
BbF Ab6 reminise of all the things you did
GD Fdim6
CG EbM7 can't imagine my life without You
FC EbM7(b5)
BbF Ab6 It's like paradise, now I (I know that It's real)
GD Fdim6
CG EbM7 it's a mystery
FC EbM7(b5)
BbF Ab6 that someone could do that just for me
GD Fdim6
CG EbM What ya did on calvery
FC EbM7(b5)
DbAb Fm7 makes me want ta love ya more
CG EbM7 I never knew
FC EbM7(b5) I can be so B--
Repeat Music
BbF Ab6 happy
GD Fdim6
DbAb Fm7< back to the verse
AbEb Cm nothing can compare
GC Bb to the joy you
EbBb Cm7(b5) bring
AbEb Cm and ever
GbC Bb lasting love a-
GC Gm7 fair
EbDb C
AbEb Cm jesus smiled
GbC Bb i'll
GD Bb never be the
CG Cm7 same
AbEb Cm i found someone who truly
BbF Ab6



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