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Cant Give Up Now
(Key of Ab)
F-Eb Ab
Bb Bb (2x), Ab
Eb F, Eb
Eb Eb, F (slide Eb to F)
Ab Ab
Ab Eb-Ab-C
G Eb-G-Bb, Ab
F C-Eb-Ab, Ab, C
B D-F-Bb, Ab
Eb Db-F, Ab
Eb Db-F-Bb
Ab C-Eb-Ab
Ab Eb-Ab-C There
G Eb-G-Bb will be
F C-Eb-Ab mountains
Bb-Eb, Ab that
Db Ab-Db-F I will have to
Eb Bb-Eb-G climb, and
Ab Ab-C-Eb there
G G-Bb-Eb will be
F Ab-Bb-Eb battles
Eb G-Bb-Eb that
Db F-Ab-Eb I will have to
Eb G-Bb-Eb fight,
A A-C-F but
Bb F-Bb-Db victory or de-
F F-Ab-Bb-C feat, it's up to
Bb F-Bb-Db me to de-
F F-Ab-Bb-C cide, but
Bb F-Bb-Db how can I ex-
F F-Ab-Bb-Db pect to win
Bb F-Ab-Db if I
F Ab-C-Eb never
Eb Ab-Bb-Eb try?
Eb G-Bb-Eb
Ab Eb-Ab-C
Ab-C-Eb I
Eb Gb-Bb-Db just
Ab Ab-C-Eb can't
Db Ab-C-F give
Eb Bb-Eb-G up
Ab Db-Eb-Ab now!
Ab, Bb /
C Bb-Eb-Ab
Bb, Ab, Eb /
Db C-F-Ab I come too
C Bb-Eb-Ab far from
F C-Eb-Ab where I
Bb D-F-Ab-C started
Eb Ab-Db-F from.
E Bb-Db-E-G
F C-F-Ab
C-F-Ab Nobo-
Eb, Db dy
C Bb-Eb-G told me the
Bb Ab-Db-F road would be
G F-Bb-Db easy.
C E-Ab-Bb-Eb And I
F Eb-Ab-C don't believe He's
Bb F-Ab-D brought me this
Eb F-Ab-Db far to
Eb F-Ab-Db leave
Ab Eb-Ab-C me.
Bb F-Ab-Db
Eb G-Bb-Eb Never....
(go back to Verse chords)
F C-F-Ab Know You
C-F-Ab didn't
Eb, Db
C Bb-Eb-G bring me
Bb-Eb-G out
Eb Bb-Db-Gb here
Bb-Db-Gb to
Ab C-Eb-Ab leave me a-
Db Ab-C-F lone,
Ab-C-F even
Db Ab-Cb-Fb when I
Gb Bb-Db-Gb can't see
Cb Gb-Bb-Eb clearly
Gb-Bb-Eb I
Bb Ab-Db-F know that
Ab-Db-F You are
Eb Db-Eb-Ab with me
Eb Bb-Eb-G so I can't
(go back to Chorus)
Key change to A:
A C#-E-A
C#-E-A I
E B-D-G just
A C#-E-A can't
D C#-F#-A give
E B-E-G# up
A D-E-A now!
A C#-E-A
D A-C#-F#
C#-F#-A Come too
C# B-E-G# far from
F# A-C#-E where I
B A-C#-D#-F# started
E G#-B-E from.
F B-D-F-G#
F# C#-F#-A
C#-F#-A Nobo-
E, D dy
C# B-E-G# told me that the
B A-D-F# road
A G#-C#-E would be
G# F#-B-D easy.
C# B-D-F-B And I
F# A-C#-E-A don't be-
B D#-F#-A lieve He
E A-D-F# brought me this
E D-F#-A far to
E D-F#-A leave
A C#-E-A me.
E A-D-E-A (bounce chord)
Key change to Bb:
Bb D-F-Bb
D-F-Bb I
F F-Ab-C-Eb just
Bb F-Ab-D can't
Eb G-Bb-D give
F F-A-C up
Bb Bb-Eb-F now!
Bb Bb-D-F
Eb Bb-D-F
D-G-Bb Come too
D C-F-A far from
G Bb-D-F where I
C G-Bb-C-E started
F A-C-F from.
Gb Eb-Gb-A-C
Gb Gb-A-C-Eb
G G-Bb-D Nobo-
D-G-Bb dy
F, Eb
D C-F-A told me the
C Bb-Eb-G road
Bb A-D-F would be
A G-C-D easy.
D Eb-Gb-A-C And I
G Bb-F-Bb don't be-
C Bb-E-Bb lieve He
F Bb-Eb-G brought me this
F Eb-G-Bb far to
F Eb-G-Bb leave
Bb C-D-F-Bb me.
F F-Bb-Eb (bounce chord)
Key change to B:
B B-D#-F#-B



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