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Center Of My Joy
(Key of Eb)
Eb Eb-Eb-G Jesus, you're the
Eb C-Eb-Ab cen-
Eb Bb-Eb-G ter
D Gb-C-F of
D Gb-Bb-Eb my
G-D-F Bb-D-F joy
Bb-F-Ab Db-F-Ab-C (filler chord-I-IV progression)
Bb-Eb-G Db-Eb-G-Bb (filler chord-I-IV progression
Ab Eb-Ab-C all that's good &
Ab F-Bb-D perfect comes from
G Eb-G-Bb you
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb (filler)
G-D-F Bb-D-F (filler)
Ab-Eb-G C-Eb-G (filler)
Bb-F-Ab C-F-Ab (filler)
Bb-F-Ab Db-F-Ab-C You're the heart of my content-
Bb-Eb-G Db-Eb-G-Bb ment
Ab Eb-G-Ab-C hope for all
Db-F-Ab B-Eb-F-Ab do
Ab B-Eb-Ab (filler)
B Db-F-Ab (filler)
Bb Bb-Eb-G Jesus
C-G-Bb C-E-G-Bb you're the
F C-F-Ab cen-
F Ab-C-F ter
A G-C-Eb of
Bb F-Bb-Eb my
Eb-Bb-Eb Eb-G-Bb-Eb joy
Eb,D (played seperately to lead into filler chord)
Bb C-Eb-Ab (filler)
Ab, G (played seperately to lead into filler chord)
Bb D-F-Bb (filler)
Bb,Ab (played seperately to lead into 1st chord of verse)
Eb Eb-G-Bb When I've lost my di-
G-D-F Bb-D-F rection, you're the
Ab Eb-Ab-C compass for
Ab F-Bb-D my
G Eb-G-Bb way
D C-F-Ab (filler)
G B-Eb-G (filler) you're the
C Bb-D-Eb-G fire & light
(C,D,Eb,F-play seperately to next chord) when
F-C-Eb A-C-Eb-G nights are long and
Bb Bb-D-F cold
Bb Ab-C-Eb (filler)
Bb Bb-D-F (filler)
Eb Eb-G-Bb In sadness you are the
G-D-F Bb-D-F laughter, that
Ab Eb-Ab-C shatters a-
Ab F-Bb-D all my
G Eb-G-Bb fear
D C-F-Ab (filler)
G B-Eb-G (filler) when I'm
C Bb-D-Eb-G all alone
(C,D,Eb,F-play seperately to next chord your
F-C-Eb A-C-Eb-G hand is there to
Bb Bb-D-F hold
Bb Ab-C-Eb (filler)
Bb Bb-D-F



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