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For Every Mountain
(Key of Dm)
In Key of Dm
D ADFA {Dm} For Every Mountain
C ADFA {Dm/C} you brought me over
F ADEbG {13}
Bb ADF {Bbmaj7} for every trial
E BbDG,EC#(2X),FD {Em7(b5)} you've seen me
A EGBbE {Gm6/A} through
F# DAD {D/F#} for every
A EbGC {Am7(b5)} blessing
D CDF#A {D7}
G DGBb {Gm} halle
F BDG {Gm/F} lujah
F DFA {Dm/F} for
E BEAb {E} this
Ab EB {E/G#} I
A C#EA {A} give
C# EAE {A/C#} you
D DFAD {Dm} praise
Bb DGbBbD {Bb aug} <



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