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(Key of Ab)
Ab C-Eb-Ab,____Eb-Ab-C,___C-Eb-Ab
F Ab-Db-F
G Bb-Eb-G,___Db-Eb-Ab
Ab C-Eb-Ab
C-G-Bb Bb-Eb-G
F C-F-Ab don't
D D-F-Bb be dis-
Eb Bb-Eb-G couraged
Db Bb-Eb-G joy comes
C C-Eb-Ab,___Db-F-Ab i-in
C Eb-Gb-Ab the
Db Eb-Gb-Ab morn-
Db Db-F-Ab ing
F A-C-Eb-F (filler)
Bb B-Db-F know
D Ab-C-F that
Eb G-Bb-Eb,___Ab-C-Eb Go-od
Eb Bb-Db-Eb is
Ab Ab-C-Eb nigh
*play the above chords for the second verse
Stand still and look up, God is going to show up
He is standing by
Ab C-Eb-Ab There's
Gb C-Eb-Ab-C healing
Gb Bb-Db-Gb-Bb for
Gb Ab-C-Eb-Ab your
F Ab-Db-F sorrow
Gb E-Ab-Db healing for your
Eb Eb-Ab-C pain
G Eb-G-Bb (filler)
F-C-Eb C-Eb-Ab healing
G Eb-G-Bb for
Ab Eb-Ab-C your
Bb Eb-Ab-C spi-rit there's
Bb D-F-Bb shelter
C Eb-G-Bb from
D D-F-Ab the
Eb Bb-Eb-G rain
Run:Eb-D-Eb-F, G-F-G-Bb, Eb-D-Eb-F
Db G-Bb-Eb Lord send the
Ab E-Ab-Bb-Db heal-
Ab Eb-Ab-Bb-C ing
Gb Eb-Gb-B- (filler)
F F-A-C for
G F-B-Db this
A Eb-C-F we
Bb F-Bb-Db know
Bb E-Ab-Bb-Db There
Ab Eb-Ab-Bb-C is
Gb Db-F-Ab-Bb a
Eb Eb-Ab-C-Eb balm in Gil-e-ad
Gb C-Eb-Ab-C (hold for 1 measure)
F Db-F-Ab-Db (hold for 1 measure)
Bb Eb-Ab-Bb-Db for
C Eb-Ab-Bb-C there-s
Db Db-E-Ab-Bb a
Eb Eb-Ab-C-Eb blam in Gil-e-ad
Gb C-Eb-Ab-C (hold for 1 measure)
F Db-F-Ab-Db (hold for 1 measure)
Bb Db-E-Ab-Bb There
C Eb-Ab-C-Eb is
Db E-Ab-Bb-Db a
Eb Eb-Ab-C-Eb balm in Gil-e-ad
Eb Eb-Ab-Db-Eb to
G Eb-G-Bb heal
G Db-Eb-Ab the
Ab Eb-Ab-C-Eb soul
*repeat whole section: There's healing for your sorrow
When you get back to: There is a balm in gilead, run that section then go to: to heal the soul
Db Ab-Db-F healing
Eb Bb-Eb-G for
Eb Db-Eb-Ab your
Ab C-Eb-Ab soul
*repeat until end



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