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I Told the Storm
(Key of Eb)
Ab Ab-Bb-C-Eb-E
G G-Bb-C-Eb
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb even
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F though your winds
G-D-F F-Bb-D blow, I
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb want
D D-Bb-D you
Eb G-C-Eb to
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb know, You
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F cause no a-
G-D-Bb F-Bb-D larm, cause I'm
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb safe
Ab Ab-Bb-C-Eb in
G G-Bb-C-Eb His
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb arms, evan
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F though your rain
G-D-F F-Bb-D falls, I can
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb still
D F-Bb-D make
Eb G-C-Eb this
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb call. Let
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F there be
G-D-F F-Bb-D peace
(G,Gb,F no-o-ow
D-F can
Eb-G say
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb go a-
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F way, I
G-D-F F-Bb-D command you
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb to mo-o-
D F-Bb-D ove
Eb G-C-Eb to-
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb day beca-
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F use of faith
G-D-F F-Bb-D I have
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb a new day
Bb B-C-Eb
A G-C-F The sun will
Ab Gb-C-F shine and I-
G-D-F F-Bb-D I-I wil be o-
C Eb-G-C kay
D F-Bb-D
Eb G-C-Eb
F Ab-C-Eb That's what I
G F-Bb-Eb told the
Bb Ab-C-Eb storm
C G-Bb-Eb I
D Ab-C-F told
Eb Bb-Eb-G the
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb storm to
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F pass
G-D-F F-Bb-D storm you can't
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb last
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb go a-
Ab-Eb Gb-C-Eb way I
G-D-F F-Bb-D commad you to
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb move today
F-C-Eb Ab-C-Eb Storm- when
Ab-Eb Gb-C-F god speaks
G-D-F- F-Bb-D Storm-you
C-G-Bb G-C-Eb got to cease
F Ab-C-Eb That's what I
G F-Bb-Eb told the
Bb Ab-C-Eb



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