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Jesus is My Help
(Key of Eb)
Eb,A,Bb,D,Eb,Bb,Eb AbDbF
Fb,Cb,Eb,Fb,Gb,D BbEb,AbDb,DbGb,BbEb,AbDb
Eb BbDbEbGb, Db/DbEbFAb
C CEGbBb Why should I worry?
FEb ACFAb Why should I fret?
Bb AbDbFAb Look at all the
Eb BbDbGbBb ways He's made and
Ab EbGbCb every
Gb DbGbBb promise
F EbAbCb kept
Db DbAb I
Eb EbGBb hills from which
Eb EbAbBb cometh my
Eb EbGBb help
Bb DbGbBb I tell you where
Bb EbAbCb my
Ab GbBbDb help
Ab EbAbCb com-
Ab DbGbBb eth______
Ab EAC# I tell you where my
A EAC# help cometh_____
Eb DbGbBb I tell you where my
Ab,Bb,Cb,Cb,C GbBbDb help cometh_____
Db EbGbCb it
Cb EbGbCb cometh
Db FAbDb from the
Eb GbBbEb Lord!!
Eb GCbDbGb
Ab CbEbGb Jesus
Bb BbDbGb is
Cb CbEbGb my
Db BbDbGb



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