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Now Behold the Lamb
(Key of Bb)
Bb2 D Now behold
Eb6 9 the
F2 Lamb the
Bb2 D Precious
Eb6 9 Lamb
F2 of god
Bb2 D born into sin
Eb6 9 that I may
F live
D7 F# a-gain
Gm the
Cm7 Precious Lamb
F7sus of god
Bb2 D Ho-ly is
Eb6 9 the
Fsus to F Lamb the
Bb2 D Precious Lamb
Eb6 9 of
Fsus to F god. Why
Bb D You love me so
Eb6 9 Lord I shall
F Nev-
D7 F# ver
Gm7 know the
Cm7 Precious Lamb
F7 of god
Cm7 claim You to be the
Fsus to F Lamb of god
C2 E Now behold
F6 9 the
Gsus to G Lamb



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