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Oh, How I Love Jesus
(Key of F)
D9 O'
Gmaj9 Come All Ye
Am9 Faith-ful
Bm9 Joy-ful and
D9 Tri-
Gmaj9 um-phant, O'
Em7 come
A9 ye O'
D9 co-ome ye
Bm7 - to (B)
Em7 beth
A7 eth-le
D6 hem (D)
Gmaj9 Come
Am7 and be-
D9 hold
Gmaj9 Him
D7 Born the
Em7 king
Am7 of
D7 angels, O'
Gmaj9 Come
Am7 let
Bm7 us
D9 a-
Gmaj9 dore Him,
D9 O'
Gmaj9 Come let us a-
D9 dore Him
Ddim7 O'
Am7 Come let us a
Bm7 dore
Em7 Him
Am7 chri
D9 iist the
G6 Lord



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