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Rejoice (This is the Day)
(Key of C)
F DbFAb This is the
F# DbF#Bb day the Lord
C EbAbC has
Db FAbDb made
F DbFAb re
F# DbF#Bb joice
C EbAbC re
Db FAbDb joice
Ab CEbAb Be glad in it
Eb CEbAb
Db FAbDb rejoice
B EbAbb re
Bb DbF#Bb joice
Bb DbF#Bb re
Ab DbFAb joice
C EbAbC in
Db FAbDb it
Db AbDbF another
F# EbAbDb day
Ab DbEbFAb to praise him
Db FAbDb another
B EbAbDb day
Ab DbEbFAb to tell the world
Bb AbDbF great is
F# F#BbDbF the Lord
Bb AbDbF and great to be
Ab AbCEb praised
F DbFAb cele
F# DbF#Bb brate
Ab EbAbC this is
C EbAbC the
Db FAbDb day



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