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Storm Out In the Ocean
(Key of Bb)
There's a
BbF AbM7(b5) storm
DF#C Bb out
EbGC# Eb
EGC# Edim on life's
BbF AbM7 ocean________AbM(b5)
and it's
EbBb DbM7 moving
EBb Edim this-a-
DAb Bb way
AbEb Fm7
EBb Edim7
AEb E6(b5) if your
BbF AbM7(b5) souls
DF#C Bb not
EbGC# Eb
EGC# Edim anchored in
AEb Aaug7 Je-(GACEb)
DA AbM7(b5) sus, it will
DAb Bb surely
AbEb Fm7
EBb Edim7
AEb E6(b5) drift-a
BbF Bb



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