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The Righteous Shall Obey
(Key of Db)
Key Db LH/RH
F Ab-Db-F
Gb Bb-Eb-Gb
Ab Db-F-Ab
Ab F-Ab-Db
Ab Db-F-Bb
Ab C-Eb-Ab
Db Ab-Db-F
D B-D-F-Ab
Eb Bb-Db-F-Ab
Ab, Gb Ab, Gb
F, Eb F, Eb The
Db Db righteous shall o-
Db-Db (2x) Bb, B bey when
Db-Ab-Db (2x) they
Db-Db Db hear My voice
A, Ab
Eb G
F Ab
G Bb
Eb F-Bb-Db
Ab Eb-Gb-C hear My voice
Ab-Ab (octave higher) hear
Db-Db the
Db-Db voice of the Lord
F Ab-Db-E
Gb Gb-Bb-Eb
G E-G-Db
Ab F-Ab-Db
Bb /
B Eb-Gb-Bb the
C /
Db B-Eb-F-Bb righteous shall o-
Db (2x) Db-F-B bey when they
Db-Db Db hear My voice
Eb A-Db-Eb-Gb they
F Ab-Db-F
Gb A-Db-Eb-Gb are
Eb /
Ab Ab-Db-F blessed
Ab Db-F-Ab when
Ab Db-F-Bb they
Ab C-Eb-Ab o-
Db Ab-Db-F bey
Key change to D:
A G-A-C#-E the
D-C F#-A-D righteous shall o-
D-D (2x) B, C bey when
D-A-D (2x) they
D-D hear
F-Ab-B My
D-D F#-A-C voice
F#, G
E G#
F# /
G# F#
A E-G-C# hear My
A (2x) E-G-C# (2x) voice, hear
A-A (octave higher)
B-B the
D-C F#-A-D voice of the Lord
F# A-D-F
G# F-G#-D
A F#-A-D
B /
C E-G-B the
C# /
D C-E-F#-B righteous shall o-
D (2x) D-F#-C (2x) bey when they
D-D D-F#-C hear My
D-D voice
E A#-D-E-G they
F# A-D-F#
G A#-D-E-G are
E /
A A-D-F# blessed
A D-F#-A when
A D-F#-B they
A C#-E-A o-
D A-D-F# bey
Key change to Eb:
Bb Ab-Bb-Eb-F
Bb Ab-Bb-D-F the
Eb-Db G-Bb-Eb righteous shall
Eb-Eb D-Gb, G (slide Gb to G) stand
Eb-Eb C-F-Ab
Eb-Eb D-Gb, G (slide Gb to G) up when they
Eb-Db G-Bb-Eb hear My voice
C, B, Bb
G Bb
F G-C-Eb
Bb F-Bb-D hear My
Bb-Bb (2x) voice
Ab-F hear
Bb, C, Eb the
Eb Bb-Gb, G (slide the Gb to G) voice
Db F-B
C E-Bb of the Lord
Gb Bb-E
F A-Eb
Bb Ab-D the
Eb G-Db righteous shall stand
Eb-Db (2x) Bb-Eb-G (2x) up when they
Eb-Db G-Bb-Eb hear My
Eb-Eb (2x) voice
F B-Eb-F-Ab they
G Bb-Eb-G
Ab B-Eb-F-Ab are
F /
Bb Bb-Eb-G blessed
Bb Bb-Eb-G- when
Bb Bb-Eb-G they
Bb Bb-D-F o-
Eb Bb-Eb-G bey
E G-Bb-Db-E
F Ab-Bb-Eb
Bb F-Bb-D
Eb-Db Bb-Eb-G the righteous lift
C-F-Ab their
Eb-Db Bb-Eb-G hands
Eb-Db (2x) G-Bb-Eb (2x) when they hear My voice
C, B, Bb
G Bb
F G-C-Eb
Bb-Bb F-Bb-D heeeaaarrrr
Bb-Bb (2x) /
F-Bb-D My
E-A-C# voice
Bb, C, Eb
Eb G-Bb-Eb hear the voice
Db F-B of
C E-Bb
Gb Bb-E
F A-Eb (2x) the Lord
Bb F-Bb-D
C-C ooohhh
Eb-Db G-Bb-Eb the righteous
Ab-C-Eb raise
Eb-Db G-Bb-Eb their hands
Gb-C when they
Eb-Db G-Db hear My voice
F B-Eb-F-Ab
G Bb-Eb-G
Ab B-Eb-F-Ab they are
F /
Bb Bb-Eb-G blessed
Bb Bb-Eb-G- when, can
Bb Bb-Eb-G I get a wit-
Bb Ab-Bb-D-F ness, when they o-
Eb Bb-Eb-G bey
Key change to E:
B-B B-Eb-F#-B (bounce the chord) the
E-D G#-B-E righteous raise
E-E G-C# their
E-E G#-D hands
E-A#, B (slide A# to B) when they
E-D G#-B-E hear My
E-D-(2x) G#-B-E voice
G#, A, B
F# A#
G# B
A# C#
F# E
B-B F#-B-D# hear My
B-B (2x) F#-B-D# voice, hear
B, C#, E the
E G#-B-E voice
F G#-B-D-F of the
F# A-B-E Lord
B F#-B-D the
E-D G#-B-E righteous raise their
E-D (2x) G#-B-E (2x) hands when they
E-D G#-B-E hear My voice
F# C-E-F#-A they
G# B-E-G#
A C-E-F#-A are
F# /
B B-E-G# blessed
B B-E-G# when
B B-E-G# they
B B-D#-F# o-
E B-E-G# bey
Key change to F:
C Bb-C-F-G
C Bb-C-E-G
F-Eb A-C-F the
F-A-D right
E-Ab-Db -eous
Eb-G-C shall
F-Eb (3x) A-C-F (3x) obey
F-Eb A-C-F when they hear My voice
D, Db, C
C G-C-E hear My voice
Ab B-Ab
G Bb-G hear the
A A-C-F (2x) voice
C, C# /
D F#-C-F (2x) of the
G F-B-F (2x) Lord
C F-Bb-F (2x) the
F-Eb A-C-F righteous shall o-
F-Eb F-C-Eb (octave higher in RH, repeatedly) bey when they
F-F Eb-A-D-F hear My voice
G Db-F-G-Bb they
Bb Db-F-G-Bb are
G /
C C-F-A blessed
C C-F-A when
C C-F-A they
C C-E-G o-
F C-F-A bey
Key change to Gb:
Db Eb-Gb-Bb-Eb
Db Db-F-Ab-Db the
Gb Fb-Gb-Bb-Eb righteous shall o-
Gb-Fb (2x) Bb-Db-Gb (2x) bey
Bb-Fb-Gb when they
Gb-Fb Gb-Bb-Db-Gb (octave higher in RH) hear My voice
Eb, D, Db
Ab C
Bb Db
C Eb
Ab Gb
Db-Db Ab-Db-F hear My
Db-Db Fb-Bb
Db-Db F-B voice hear the
Gb-Gb Bb-Db-Gb voice
G-G Bb-Db-Fb-G of
Bb-Db-Fb-G the
Ab-Ab Cb-Db-Gb Lord
Db-Db Ab-Db-F
Gb-Cb-Eb the
Gb-Fb Bb-Db-Gb righteous shall o-
Gb-Fb (2x) Fb-Gb-Bb-Eb bey when they
Gb-Fb Bb-Db-Gb hear My voice
Ab D-Gb-Ab-Cb they
Bb Db-Gb-Bb
Cb D-Gb-Ab-Cb are
Ab /
Db Db-Gb-Bb blessed
Db Db-Gb-Bb when
Ab D-Gb-Ab-Cb
Bb Db-Gb-Bb
Cb D-Gb-Ab-Cb they
Ab D-Gb-Ab-Cb are
Bb Db-F-Ab blessed
Eb Db-Gb-Bb when
Ab D-Gb-Ab-Cb
Gb Db-Gb-Bb
Fb D-Gb-Ab-Cb they
D D-Gb-Ab-Cb are
Db Db-Gb-Bb blessed
Db Db-Gb-Bb when
Db Db-Gb-Bb they
Db Db-F-Ab o-



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