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The Vision
(Key of Ab)
Eb D-G-Bb
C Bb-Eb-G
Eb-F-A-C..........Bb F-Bb-Db
F Bb-Eb-Ab
Db-Bb He
Eb-Ab-C will
Gb F-Bb-Db do
Bb Eb-Ab-C just
Eb Db-Gb-Bb what
Ab Eb-Ab-C He
Db Eb-F-Ab-Db Said
Db Ab-Db-F Write the
Db Bb-Db-Gb vision
Ab-Eb Gb,Ab,Bb,Db,C
C Ab-C-Eb make it
Db Ab-Db-F plain
Db Ab-Db-F that they
F Db-F-Ab may
Gb Gb-Bb-Db run
Ab Ab-C-Eb,....Eb-Ab-C,...Db/F-Ab-Db and not faint
Db Db-F-Ab...Db-Gb-Bb though the vision
Ab Db-Gb-Bb...C-F-Ab is only for
Bb-Eb-Gb-Db Ab-Db-F a while
Db Ab-Db-F...F/Ab-Db...F#/Ab-Bb-Db it shall speak
Ab Ab-C-Eb,...Eb-Ab-C,...Db/F-Ab-Db and not lie.
B Db-F-Ab For if the
B F-Ab-Db Lord
Bb Db-Gb-Bb said it
C Gb-Bb-Eb you can
F A-Db-Eb-Ab count on
Bb-F-Ab Ab-B-D-F
B Eb-F-Ab-Db It is
Bb Db-Gb-Bb-Db....Eb so
Ab Eb-Ab-C yes it
Gb-E Eb-Ab-C is
F Ab-Db-Eb-Ab so



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