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Walk with me Lord
(Key of Dm)
D C D G A [Dm] me Lord, walk
A A C# E A, G [A9] walk with
D F A C D [Dm7] me
A G Bb C# E [A7b9]
D A C F [Dm7]
Bb C D F A [Bb6/9] Walk
A C E G C [Am7] with
G D F A D [G7] me Lord
E D F G Bb [Em7(b5)
A B C# E A - [A9] Me
A Bb C# F, A While I'm
D F A D [Dm7] On This
F Eb G Bb D, C [Ebmaj7\F] Tedious
Bb Bb D F A, G, F [journey]
Eb G Bb D
I Want
D A D F A, D [Dm7] Jesus to
A Bb C# E G, F, D, C walk with
D F A C D [Dm7] me



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