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We Have Come This Far By Faith
(Key of Db)
Db come this
Gb fa...
Db F ar
Db by
Db F Faith
Ebm7 leaning
Ab7 on the
Ab Db Lo-
Db ord
A7 trusting in his holy word
Db F He's never
Ab7 failed me
Db ye..et
Db O
Ebm7 O
Fm7 O
Db F can't turn a-
Gb ro
Db F ou
Ebm7 ound
Eb7 we've come this
Ab7 far by
Ab Db fai-
Db aith
Gb Don't
Ab7 Be dis-
Db cour-aged when
Ebm7 trou-bles
Ab7 in your
Db li-ife
Gb He'll
Gdim7 Bear your
Db Bur-
Bbm7 den and
Ebm7 move all
Ab7 mis-er-y and
Db strife
Ab7 that's why we'ee..ee..ve-



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