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Welcome Into This Place
(Key of Db)
Db F-Ab-Db Welcome
(Ab,Db,F) in, to, this
Db Gb-A-Eb place
Gb Gb-Bb-Eb
F Ab-Db-F Welcome
(Db,F,Ab) in to this
Ab Db-Eb-F-Ab broken vessel
Gb Bb-Db-Gb
F C-Eb-Ab You decided to abide in the
Gb-Eb Bb-Db-F-Ab praise of your
D Ab-B-D-F-Ab people
(Eb,F) So we
Eb Bb-Eb-Gb lift our
F F-Ab-C-Eb hands
(Eb,F) As we
Gb Bb-Db-Eb-Gb lift our
Bb Ab-B-D-F hearts
(Eb,F) As we
Eb Bb-Db-Eb-Gb offer
F Ab-Db-F up this
G G-Bb-Db-F praise un..
Ab Ab-Bb-Db-Eb to
Db-Db Gb-Ab-Db your
Db-Db F-Ab-Db heart



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